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    Punj Lizard

      @Mark – I was wondering if they might add Vera, Groningen on the 15th, but nothing on Vera’s website as yet. I think they played Vera last time out, and they do seem to alternate – e.g. Köln last time, so Düsseldorf this time; Bremen last time, so Oldenburg this time.

      Also, no Belgian, Lux or Swiss dates as yet. I would expect something will be announced for 15 and/or 16, and 18 and/or 19.

      For now, as much as I’d love a return to Zakk, Düsseldorf, I have my eyes on a little NL tour this time around.


        So Dresden ist is again, and maybe Berlin… i am really curious for the developments until then.


            10.03.2023 – NEP Kathmandu, The Turtle Lounge and Bar


              ” i denne forestillingen har du en sjelden mulighet til å oppleve dem i trio-besetning.”

              Interesting. Tos is not a drummer is he? Does that mean a trio without drums. If that’s the case, that could turn out very interesting. I would love it if they went in a more slow and droney direction, or perhaps in total drum machine kraut rock repetition mode.

              Now that they’ve done grunge, metal, jazz, prog, country and hippie, maybe its time for some techno influence, that’s is a genre they haven’t explored yet :mp: Whatever happens, chances are it will probably turn out good.

              Punj Lizard

                Maybe they’ve found a drummer-cum-tabla player in Nepal and that’s the reason they’ve returned. :D


                  9.03.2023 – NP Kathmandu, Mandala Theatre Nepal


                    @ Punj Lizard:

                    Maybe they’ve found a drummer-cum-tabla player in Nepal and that’s the reason they’ve returned. :D

                    “Snah Gopal?” :mp:


                      Düsseldorf again for a change. Though I prefer Cologne for natural reasons (being my hometown, being not Düsseldorf, providing good locations) I will have to pay a visit to Zakk again. And/Or SO36? Legendary Club – and a MP first. Probably. Collossaal Aschaffenburg an option as well. We’ll see… :cheers:


                        I’m glad they changed venue in Milan, they played amazing shows in Trezzo but that venue was too big and impersonal for them. Santeria’s nice, I’ve seen some pretty good shows there (Sleep, Ride, Madrugada, Built to Spill…)


                          Whoa, looks like it actually IS a drumless motorpsycho out there now:
                          “75mins of kosmische ‘rock’ at Mandala House, Kathmandu”


                            hm just saw a date for 25. October 2023 is up in Zürich!

                            So there’s a tour coming up…


                              Those Nepal gigs with Tosh call for another Roadwork release – probably “Tangerine Rowboats Motordream”?

                              Punj Lizard

                                Another Swiss show:

                                18.10.2023 SW Châtelaine – PTR Usine


                                  Fall (updated once more)

                                  08.10.2023 DE Hamburg – Knust

                                  10.10.2023 DE Oldenburg – Kulturetage
                                  11.10.2023 DE Düsseldorf – Zakk
                                  12.10.2023 NL Tilburg – 013
                                  13.10.2023 NL Utrecht – TivoliVredenburg
                                  14.10.2023 NL Zwolle – Hedon

                                  17.10.2023 DE Reutlingen – franzK
                                  18.10.2023 CH Châtelaine – PTR Usine

                                  20.10.2023 IT Livorno – Cage
                                  21.10.2023 IT Cesena – Vidia
                                  22.10.2023 IT Roma – Orion

                                  24.10.2023 IT Milano – Santeria Toscana 31
                                  25.10.2023 CH Zürich – Rote Fabrik

                                  26.10.2023 DE Nürnberg – Z-Bau
                                  27.10.2023 DE Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
                                  28.10.2023 DE Dresden – Beatpol
                                  29.10.2023 DE Berlin – SO36

                                  Looks pretty complete. Maybe another Dutch gig at Groningen or Amsterdam on 9.10.? And those two days between 14. & 17.? Belgium? Luxembourg? France??? (Though the French generally appear rather ignorant towards MP – probably Strasbourg Laiterie?)

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