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      Btw, this is a good place to hang out / meet / spend time before the show at Postbahnhof tomorrow in Berlin. There is an open air Biergarten, good beers, barbeque, good prices, friendly and alternativ. It's 1.2 km from the venue which is an easy 15 min walk. Who is up for a pre-show beer?


        Any idea for a good place to meet and have some food and a pre-show beer tomorrow in Bielefeld?

        boomer former helm

          hmm would be nice indeed, but i have no idea. maybe in the venue?


            There are some pubs and bars close to Forum.

            Forum offers no food, eventually there is stand with pizza slices and crepes.

            The closest is "Neue Börse", good food, 2 minutes from the Forum. But not realy my first choice.

            "Ferdis Pizzapinte" is nice and very close 4, 5 minutes, but normally very full on a early friday evening

            Very Close is "Plan B", Forum connected, the Owner will attend the MP Gig, too, I guess.

            "Desperados" is close, small and very nice but offers no food. All of them there are very Forum connected and I guess I will see some of them tomorrow evening at the Forum.

            At the same corner as Desperados are "Wunderbar" And Cafe Berlin are nice and with good food. And the "Westside Longe" is there, too, but not so nice.

            If The Weather is fine, Close to the Forum is Siegfriedplatz. There are two different Biergarten.

            "Bürgerwache" and "Der Koch" which is at the old tram Wagon, Bürgerwache is in front of the building.

            Realy nice is "Heimat & Hafen" the owner organize a lot of concerts from big to small and the Serengeti Festival,a big german Rockfestival, not far away from Bielefeld. And he will attend the MP Gig, of course. But they offers no food and its the longest way (10-15 minutes by feet) from the forum.

            So that's it, more or less.

            I don't think that I have time for a pre beer. :-(

            But let me know, please, maybe I can manage it. :-)



              WOW, thanks a lot!

              …hard choice…

              We'll arrive at 17.15 at central station, so we have plenty of time. Maybe we'll try a pizza at Ferdis and a pre-beer at Plan B sounds also nice.

              So, would be nice to meet you and/or some other psychonauts.

              (I'll wear my new Spidergawd-shirt)


              boomer former helm

                thanks for the suggestions and see you later today. guess i will join in plan b :cheers:


                  " We have a looong history with The Forum, so that should be good too!" bent's last update from berlin…

                  sounds very promising!


                    btw i'll arrive 5 to 8 and will head to the forum directly… hope to see some of you guys…


                      @ surftex:

                      Forgot it: Plan B offers Food to…


                      I have one ticket for Düsseldorf 2014-06-09 for sale.

                      Sadly can't make it.

                      Can be picked up before the show.

                      edit: SOLD


                        @ superstooka:

                        Pizza and Rotingdorfer at Ferdis were delicious!

                        Thanks again!


                          Anyone doing NIJMEGEN on Tuesday looking for a seat or offering one going back to Germany after the show? Same goes for BRUSSELS on Father's Day (Thursday).


                          Hurray, Nijmegen also confirmed 8)

                          Does anyone have some information about the merch on this tour? Think it's about time I get myself a nice shirt.


                          Tonight's Patronaat show will not have a support act


                            audio interview:

                            starts out in german but switches to english soon enough. ;)

                            PASS AUF SCORPIONS, WIR KOMMEN!

                            it stops after about 30mins very suddenly, i wonder if there's more but got lost or something…

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