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    Very nice of you Bernie! A loud thank you from a segregated Roman psychonut. More audiovirus, less fucking coronavirus, please.


    Oh, will there ever be a way to get the footage of Molde 2002? Ebony Queen is still ringing in my ears. And the Coltrane's tune is beyond words.

    Great King Rat

      Thanks, Bernie! This is brilliant stuff, I hadn't seen/heard that before. Wish I'd been there. Great way to determine the setlist.


        Very nice acoustic set, thanks!


        Motorpsycho in 1998 is at their very peak, IMHO. So this video is, again, pure gold. Especially the stretch from Feel through Wishing Well is transcendant.

        Hope we get to see some "proper" 1998 shows soon.


          I experienced live Motorpsycho at their "very" peak in 2013, 2014, 2015, albumwise in 1998 and once again in 2016 and then again live in 2017 and 2019 – lots of peaks to speak of! Truely a mountain range of motorpsychedelic peaks!

          Honestly opinions differ, which peak is the "real one" or the highest, but I cannot see a classic "downhill from there" period in Motorpsycho's long timespan. Which hopefully will last on for a few decades ;-)


            Whoah! Bit of a gear change at 14:23 – wasn't expecting that!

            Seriously, this series of vault releases couldn't be more timely, as it turns out. Much appreciation to all concerned. But I won't shake your hands, if it's all the same with you.

              but I cannot see a classic "downhill from there"

              that's pretty much the point with these guys. Should make a shirt "Motorpsycho – Peaking since 1993".


                also a cool title for a "live-thru-the-years" Roadwork collection album 8O


                Hey,I'm still here 22 years later. ;-) I didn't really imply a "downhill from there" curve with my comment either. It's just that for sheer divine inspiration, I think that's about when they hit their absolute peak. But they've remained impressively great since then, no real decline in quality and still hitting some phenomenal peaks.

                Same thing with albums, 1993-98 is still the peak AFAIC but there's so much good stuff even after that, so not much to complain about. And I think The Tower ranks way, way up there (where did something like Ship of Fools come from…only Motorpsycho can come up with something like that).


                  In these sequestered times I can't be fast enough with new videos : so heres another VHS tape…enjoy the infamous WahWah TV special, live and interviews (there is some overlap with the acoustic concert which was posted before)


                    @ffbernie: Thx yet again for another late 90's gem of a gig! Keeps us all

                    entertained in these isolated times…

                    Btw, it's not Ozone they play, but Evernine (rare live performance)


                    Fun to see Bent so animated, jumping around and clapping!

                    This is stunning stuff, although it's frustrating that so many performances are cut short. IMHO, Motorpsycho were so good on that tour it's really quite intimidating. Completely in the zone, and insane energy Levels. Compare with 1992 – they had the energy then, but not quite the skill. By 1998 they had the energy, inspiration, skill and experience to completely own the stage and the entire room by their very presence.

                    The interview bit is also kind of weird. They come across as aloof in an almost arrogant and intimidating way. Snah not saying a word, Bent hiding behind his sunglasses and with his broken tooth, and Geb trying to be amicable but coming across just slightly stoned (or is it just me?). As close as they ever came to being rock superstars.


                    Oh, and Snah had the most gorgeous guitar sound on that tour. Love the reverb he threw in every now and then. Unlike a lot of reverb use onstage, it doesn't muddy things up yet it turns the sound into something resembling a cranky, grinding mellotron playing in a church. Very shoe-gazy, but much heavier and throatier than your typical shoe-gazy guitar sound. I've never heard anyone else sounding quite like that.


                      Thanks again for that vid. Looks like the very backyard of my place in Cologne – but then backyards in South Central Cologne look very much the same…

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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994