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    Phoots Flower

        Thanks…great show indeed..;its been added to the ever growing archive x Bernie


          Hey Bernie, if you're posting Rockpalast as well, don't forget this one:

          probably not the very best tv video quality, but still a great document of times long gone…

          And another one from Cologne 2009:

          Don't know what your policy with youtube videos is, but anyway – thanks for all your great efforts!


            done…thanks x Bernie


            Hi Bernie, I've got two suggestions for you. First of all, of course, the Rune Grammofon fest gig just cast:


            and an old 1997 complete concert. Sound and video quality are actually quite bad, but still a great document from the past:


            The caption says "Circolo degli Artisti" but it should actually be "Frontiera", another venue in Rome.

            I'll add my 2 cents:

            I've seen ALL the videos you uploaded, and I gotta say they are GREAT, thanks, thanks and thanks. Also, I think you wisely chose some great jamming moments and anyway very peculiar and often rare versions of many songs, not to mention the audio and video quality.

            The problem is: I watched the whole stuff a couple of months ago, and now there are more and more stuff! Which is great of course, but I don't remember anymore what I have seen and what I have not!

            So, keeping the stuff in chronological order is a splendid idea, but I'd add a "history" of the stuff uploaded, so that the users can see what's new on the site!

            Thank you again for the great effort!



              I agree with BronYaur – would be nice with a view sorted on when the videos were added, for frequent travellers.


                hey guys, thanks for the suggestions…I wil look into it. Also Im uploading the RUNE ANNIVERSARY show as we speak. Its pretty good…lots of new jamming parts not to mention Tomas' beard ! x bernie


                  Critical Mass 2017-10-26 8O just watched it, floored.


                    Ive added a RECENT UPLOADS feature per request. Thanks for the suggestions…keep 'em coming. Anything to make the experience more enjoyable x Bernie


                    Bernie added another great video from the past, and as long as I think his page is marvelous, I feel the duty to UP this thread for your pleasure.



                      Nice, I was there.

                    Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994