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      For those that don´t own a record player:

      Here´s an option.



        I find it quite interesting that we have a pro and contra vinyl discussion. I rather see this thing as a pro and contra album subject. Yes one can listen to a whole downloaded album and pick his favourite tracks on the LP player. But doesn’t the latter format imply listening to the whole album? Maybe even take a break after the last song faded?

        Have you thought that maybe they actually don’t want you to listen to it while driving in traffic and not paying attention to the music?

        Prince and Kyuss come to mind who released albums on CD (Lovesexy & Sky Valley) with almost to none song indexes. And Kyuss even instructed the listener with a “listen without distraction” note on the sleeve. So they screwed the customer’s preferences?

          Have you thought that maybe they actually don’t want you to listen to it while driving in traffic and not paying attention to the music?

          But I like to decide to play the music in my car or not. That’s my main point….. And i can appreciate music in my car.

          I guess 10-13 years ago i would appreciate this moore. Remember when I went to Oslo to Voicer of Wonder (i think it was the name) at Grunerlökka and I found Motorpsycho stuff on vinyl. good times, but times are changing. I have a nice record player and will for sure buy the vinyl and looking forward to hearing this.


            Perhaps this is MPs way of entering the future, with paying trubite to the past. I like it! Goes to show that they won’t let themselves get pushed around by whiny little maggots like that biatch Øyvind Adde or whatever his name is. I don’t remember, and i don’t care to…


              Motorpsycho rules! This dischussion rules. Hardt rock iz a leifschteil. I love you all. I love GBD. I love Tomcat. I love lighthousegirl. I love oystein. I love supernaut. Kaneda. JTR. Krist. TvdR. Clencypu. Knoot. Gusse. Madsunship. Traktorbass. People! Why argue. New album!

              It’s getting better all the ti-i-ime.



              Rock on, Harry!

              Floating back from Roadburn I couldn’t even believe the drama here and I wanted to fire off some irate response to the tune of “@%@!%#@%@@!!#%#^!” but I couldn’t be bothered. Too blissed out from the festival. Being surrounded by hundreds of euphoric Roadburners and listening and watching dozens of extraordinary bands tends to have that effect on a body. Not to mention experiencing that motormagic, you know?

              Let them eat vinyl!


              Krist Rampage

                I love you too Harry, and i dig this discussion too. I can see that people here are pissed off and i understand. I just think it is ok that MP do whatever they want and release whatever they want. They never have been crowdpleasers imho. We all have been whining for more Roadworks (i for one have) but they didn’t listen. Instead they released the dvd, and LLM. Fine with me. I also think they have always been a vinyl minded band, although some of their releases have been cd-only releases. Some of the vinyl releases have had vinyl only bonus tracks and all…and compare the cd version with the lp version of Timothy’s Monster.

                Good point in the other thread about the new lp, that people who ripp the album themselves will listen to inferiour quality. Does the band want that?

                Perhaps it is selfish of me, but i only buy vinyl for years now and i am just so happy with any new MP vinyl release, so my opinion in this matter is in no way objective.

                Let them do whay they want and whatever they feel is the best way to do things.I have always loved them for that an will continue to do so.

                Hooray for Motorpsycho :MPD: :MPD: :MPD:


                  I also think it is ok that MP do whatever they want and release whatever they want. I believe in personal freedom. I think it is everyone’s own choice in what format they prefer to listen to music. I also believe it is a band’s god-given right to decide how they release their music. Unfortunately the two don’t line up very well for me in this case :lol:

                  Sure, the album will be available for download somewhere. No that is not a solution, I’d rather own it myself. I think it is likely a cd version will be released some time after the vinyl, keeping my hopes up for that…


                  I have to speak on behalf of the jilted generation here.

                  Excluding so many fans by choosing a format which basically works as a collectors item is kinda rude. I can’t really see the problem with dividing the realease in both vinyl and CD’s, or at least purchasable mp3’s.

                  My choices are now to either buy an LP-player (without either room or money for it), get the album illegally or pretend that it doesn’t exist, and it makes me feel a little bit forgotten.

                  But hey, can’t change it if they wanna special in a bit egocentric way.


                    It’s a statement. Deal with it! Or don’t…


                      Actually I don’t give too much of a shit about it. I’ll download the album illegally, and if my conscience feels guilty afterwards I’ll buy some extra merch at the next MP gig :cheers:


                        Man, I’m just so glad about WHAT and THAT they’re making – Don’t care HOW I’ll put my ears to it …

                          stop whining and buy a bloody record player on the flea market.



                            Nice to see y’all getting carried away about vinyl.

                            That’s how it should be.

                            Just got a mail from Rune Grammfon; they ‘most likely will open for pre-ordering the album a couple of weeks before release date’.

                            Just FYI,


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