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    Hey friends! I managed to make an interview with Baron Omnipotent for Russian "InRock" magazine! :D I have done it in February but it was published only in the latest issue. Luckily they also put the english version to their website! Enjoy! It's my first interview ever, I don't have any journalist ambitions, I did it only to spread the word here in Russia about the best band in the world :STG:

    You can read it here:

    Tell me what you think of it. Hope you will like it :-)


      congrats to a very good interview! A very nice read due to your curiosity, in depth background knowledge, thoghtful questions and Bent's openness. After 20+ years I even learned a bit or two. Or five. :)


        Thanks Kamille! I love the interview :)


          The interviewer mentions a bootleg of the show at Teknisk Museum. Where can I find this?

          It does not seem to be on motortrades.

          Also, great interview!


          It's up on dimeadozen and it's a stunning piece of music, don't miss it mate, stale is all over the place, wonderful melodies, long jams, the lot!.


          Oh and by the way, great great interview Kamille!


            @valdra: I found it, thank you. It is as wonderful as I remember it from the gig.

            Will be interesting to hear it on album without Ståle, as mentioned in the interview.


            Ahah lucky you! Yeah I think we're in for another big surprise


            Thank you, Kamille. Nice interview. :)


            Thank you very much for support and kind words guys :MPD: I hope to see them one day in Russia finally!

          Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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