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      That is my guess too. I know is somewhat in the bio,maybe I’ll read it again today with pencil and paper.

      the conscience

        Consider the fact that most of (the Instrumenal part) of Mona Lisa/Azrael (2022 AA) is from the 2016/17 Begynelser (Only live and on Video/dvd.
        The real chronological order is the real chronological order of the releases.You need to be in the mind of an artist to anwer your question. I think songs are continious in progress (sometimes over many years)and they release albums if enough ideas and finished Songs fit together. And btw. I hear a lot of ideas in YAY they had years before, stolen by themselves. From which period are they „really“?


          That’s true about the pre-Tomas Begynelser extracts, annoyingly absent from the record, but what Tomas added to the AA versions was immense.


            @The conscience: Excellent answer! Of course you’re absolutely right.
            Even so there might be the dates of the recording sessions, but the publishers keep them shrouded in mystery to keep their artistic time control. Would be confusing anyway. Guess somebody wanted to research the exact chronological order of the songs on Motorpnakotic Fragments!


              Speaking of MP stealing from themselves (which I’m not against!). I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but isn’t the head and tail of Chariot of the Sun basically the guitar part of The Crucible (the song) that starts at around 4:40, redone in 4/4?

              the conscience

                just wanted to say YAY


                  This album is not for me, but I totally get and respect the move. The music (while unexciting) feels very sincere, and I really, really like Bent’s lyrics, and find many of them both relatable and moving. Very human, direct but nuanced. I’ll probaby read those way more than I’ll listen to this record. “Patterns” is imho their best pop-single since “In Our Tree” – or possibly “Serpentine”. But also one of only two songs I liked here, the other being “Real Again”. I’ll try some more though, and will go see the Oslo-concert.

                  Musically, second to third gear is what I expected – and got. Pleasantly boring perhaps, but it has a very sympathetic and open vibe that makes it less irritating and grating than Let Them Eat Cake/Phanerothyme. So yeah, no WTF here. More like a warm hug and a thanks for continuing to make the music you want when you want it!

                  PS: Have it first-hand that Snah has been into The Verve lately. Don’t know if that made any impact on the last two records (perhaps “Chariot of the Sun” and some of the light/shoegazy moments on Yay!?), but found it a bit interesting nonetheless. The bass-riff in “The Wheel” is quite reminiscent of “A Man Called Sun”, but Snah hasn’t listened to them before now at least.

                  Krist Rampage



                      somebody interested in making some tabulatures. i think there is good material for some decent tabs here. unfortunately i am not very good at it


                        I would also love to have some tabs of the new album :-)

                        Krist Rampage

                          This is what I wrote but wasn ‘t able to post 8 july:

                          So I finally received my record and cassette this week after some major screwups by DHL. Some thoughts:

                          First, I really like the packaging. The vinyl (transparant blob) looks amazing and the inlay is a lovely addition in my opinion.

                          I listened to the album on Spotify a few times and the lp pressing is excellent. The sound is so much better than the Spotify version. Off course this could have something to do with my turntable and streamer but still, there are lots of records where the difference in sound quality isn’t thís big.

                          Most important: the music itself. I really really like it. Not everything is briljant but all songs are worthwile and beautifull. Someone here said it’s a sincere record and I agree. It hits me more on a personal level than most of the recent stuff. My favorites so far are Patterns, W.C.A. and the Rapture. O and I really like the singing on this one. Yes it’s a bit shakey here and there but that only gives it more charm. So, to me this is a special record already.

                          And now, a few weeks later:

                          The album has really grown on me. Yes, it is briliant, every second of it. I keep returning to it. It’s an album I can play whatever mood I am in, it always works.

                          I also have the cassette btw. I am ashamed to say I haven’t listened to it yet. I don’t even own a cassette player….

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                            Yeah, where are the tabbers? :stg:

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