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    Just got an e-mail from Rune about two Motorpsycho box sets that probably everybody wants. Anyone with an idea what this is?

    We will start pre-orders for two hugely attractive and desirable Motorpsycho box sets in a couple of days, probably Wednesday afternoon. This is our biggest project ever, so please note the following.

    Many of you will most likely want both, since they very much belong together. If so, please DO NOT add other releases to your order. This way we can package the two box sets safely in an extra sturdy cardboard box. Unfortunately there is no spare space in this box.

    For international customers that order both sets we will shoulder a part of the shipping by shaving NOK 100 off the ordinary cost.

    Please note strictly one box set of each per customer.

    Krist Rampage

    Just read the mail too. No idea what this is about. Very, very curious now.


    I do have an idea, but won't tell to keep the suspense :-)


    Tomcat: It must be the President Block boxes! :twisted:


    Its just a box of rain.


    Must be some live stuff?




    Anh idea what price range we can expect? And if the shipping will also have custom taxes like for the Maiden Voyage vinyl?

    Punj Lizard

    So many questions; so little patience.

    Take my money already. :lol:


    Spoiler alert! It is a complete live recording of their Canary Island Tour 97 with the insane encore at Lillebrors Pianobar.


    @clundbe: Hell yeah. That encore with the sublime version of Fugledansen

    was something else :finger:


    Oh gods of rock, please make it a Timothoya and Opera Defying Unicorn DVD release!


    But in all seriousness, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the boxsets

    turn out to be the 5 hour Ringnes concert movie from last year.

    EDIT: Mr Stickman himself, Rolf Gustavus said on FB it will be boxsets

    of Lobotomizer and Soothe. So I guess that's confirmation good enough.

    boomer former helm

    Are there some infos online somewhere except that mysterious mail? Would love to get a copy…


    @otherdemon.Man,when Ken Hensley came in and did the Fuglendansen with Deathprod,mixing in july morning and Breaking the law I was sold. Wonder why this microtour never being talk about. Canariposten has some pictures of the show.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 75 total)
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