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      Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp (plus Prince's bass player) – album to come:


        Somali Yacht Club – 2022 – The Space


        3rd album of great psychedelic/stoner-rock band from Lviv, Ukraine.

        In my opinion, this is their best record so far.

        Highly recommended to fans of bands like Elder or King Buffalo.


          Hey Motorpsychodelic folks..

          Have fun with my new german Rap album…

          I know it is NOT everbodys taste here in this Forum but give it a chance..

          It just about half of a hour…

          Also on You Tube, Deezer, Amazon Music etc…

          Rock on… :STG:

          See you on the next Tour Folks…


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            Phoots Flower
              the conscience

                @ supernaut: just came home from a festival, spent a few minutes in the Internet, heard „Better“ really like this, going to hear more soon

                @ punknotyet: good to hear (read) from you.


                  thanks Phoots! that's the one!


                    New band from San Diego, California, that consists of (ex-)members of Astra, Psicomagia, Brian Ellis Group, Joy, Radio Moscow, etc.

                    Their debut record is very strong contender for "Prog album of the year" title.

                    Birth – 2022 – Born




                      My go to summer record 2022 is the latest project by Causa Sui. Beautiful cosmic jazz naturally akin to many of MP's jam modes:


                      In recent years London has become an epicenter for experimental, visionary jazz. On this unique session, two of the finest exponents of the London jazz scene, Tamar Osborn and Al MacSween, join forces with members of the celebrated Danish psychedelic underground – Jonas Munk, Jakob Skøtt and Martin Rude – to create a heady sonic brew. On this first volume of material there’s everything one could hope for in such a collaboration: sonically it summons the free flowing euphoria of Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders’ work in the late 1960s and early 1970s. But there’s also a focus on rhythmic energy and vitality that calls to mind the grooviest krautrock or electric period Miles Davis, as well as a healthy dose of electronic experiments.

                      Throughout these five tracks the quintet paints with a colourful palette. Tamar Osborn shifts between baritone sax and flutes. Keyboardist Al MacSween doesn’t just stick with the tried and true electric piano – an instrument which he masters – but showers these tracks in analog synths and effects as well. Add to that the fact that Jonas Munk took a somewhat creative approach when editing and mixing these pieces – with effects boxes wired in, occasionally giving the mix a dubby, ambient atmosphere. Similar to Munk and Skøtt’s main project, Causa Sui, digging into the past becomes a vehicle to open up the future. What the quintet has created in these sessions is something quite unique.


                      Hi friends!

                      I just have to introduce you to my new favourite band – not a new band, but with an amazing new album out. And just a crying shame to miss, so please check out:

                      Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus aka JIRM

                      a fourpiece (git, git&vox, bass & dr) from Sweden

                      I have a tough time discribung their style so I'll just babble a bit and assemble what I find on the internets… In general it has a lot of psychedelia in it and they tend to stretch songs and moods quite often, but their big strength (in my view) is that they still remain accessible. The reasons for this are songwriting (of course), an ear for cool guitar sounds and hooks, and their singer who reminds one of either Jeff Buckley, Robert Plant and sometimes even an angrier Steve Hogarth (of latter Marillion). Not only can he sing (and he does so quite often), but he does it with a sincere drama that I can't help but be spellbound. Even though I, for most of the times, have no clue what he is singing about thematically, but the images he creates are enough to keep me hooked.

                      And by some divine magic this quality is valid on ALL their records. Strong shit!

                      Find them on any streaming of your choice – but be aware: either under JIRM or their full name. :D




                        Snah in studio with Møster! working on a new album. Must say those guys deliver epic albums and live performances. Can’t wait 🤟🏾

                        Punj Lizard

                          Fang Temple by Temple Fang

                          OK, so this isn’t strictly new, and I mentioned it before, when it came out as a self-released album about this time last year, but since then, the band signed a deal to release the album with Stickman who they saw as a natural fit for them because of Stickman’s work with Motorpsycho.

                          In a recent interview Temple Fang not only named-checked Motorpsycho and cited Ancient Astronauts as one of their current favourite albums, but also mentioned Tos Nieuwenhuizen, referring to him as “Amsterdam’s tube-amp guru”. So I thought it was time to once again impress just how brilliant this (and their previous Live at Merleyn) album is. Fang Temple is a double album with four 20-minute slow-burn, psychedelic space rock excursions that just blew my socks off.

                          The band, who hail from the Netherlands, is also playing dates across the country in November and December and based on videos I’ve seen, they’re well worth it if you fancy a jam-heavy psychedelic space out. After I had to cancel my trip to Leuven, rather than discard my Eurostar tickets I rescheduled to coincide with a Temple Fang gig near Amsterdam and I have to say, I have high, high hopes of a good night.


                            I can only second that – “Fang Temple” is immensely intense. Hoping to see them in Venlo, NL next week :-)

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                              Haha, it was difficult not to see Temple Fang in the Netherlands the last year. But they are pretty good nonetheless. For the fans: here’s a cool solo-track by their guitarist!

                              Punj Lizard

                                @crosskip – WTF?! Ha ha ha

                                Although I haven’t seen Temple Fang live, I did see that guitarist and the bassist/singer sitting in Vondel Park last May when I was visiting Amsterdam on my way back from seeing Motorpsycho in Germany.

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