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      Thanks boomer. I wondered why this came up in the first place. Did they play it somewhen somewhere?

      Yes, the song Eagle’s Son was played in Tromsø:

      Quote: “07) Cover Song (One of the setlists said “Eagle´sson, and bent said it was their version of some obscure 60´s song, to be released as a single shortly!)”



        Found it on the Stickweb. So there’s the title of the A-side.


          The Visitant?




          1.a temporary resident; visitor; guest.

          2.a visitor to a place of religious or sight-seeing interest; pilgrim.

          3.a being believed to come from the spirit world: a ghostly visitant.

          4.something, as a mood, feeling, emotion, etc., that overtakes a person from time to time: Melancholy is an occasional visitant to all.

          5.a migratory bird that has come to a place temporarily.


          6.visiting; paying a visit.


          1) Main Entry: visitant

          Part of Speech: noun

          Definition: ghost

          Synonyms: apparition, appearance, banshee, bogey, bogeyman, bogle, daemon, demon, devil, eidolon, ethereal being, haunt, incorporeal being, kelpie, manes, phantasm, phantasma, phantom, poltergeist, revenant, shade, shadow, soul, specter, spirit, spook, vampire, vision, visitor, wraith, zombie*

          * = informal/non-formal usage

          2) Main Entry: visitant

          Part of Speech: noun

          Definition: company

          Synonyms: boarder, caller, companionship, cortege, guest, party, presence, retinue, society, visitor




          edit 1: Or it’s a cover of some defunct metalband… See:

          edit 2: Or even a complete soundtrack – distilled into three minutes – of an obscure horror movie… See: :mrgreen:

          edit 3:

          The Visitant


          A cloud moved close. The bulk of the wind shifted.

          A tree swayed over water.

          A voice said:

          Stay. Stay by the slip-ooze. Stay.

          Dearest tree, I said, may I rest here?

          A ripple made a soft reply.

          I waited, alert as a dog.

          The leech clinging to a stone waited;

          And the crab, the quiet breather.


          Slow, slow as a fish she came,

          Slow as a fish coming forward,

          Swaying in a long wave;

          Her skirts not touching a leaf,

          Her white arms reaching towards me.

          She came without sound,

          Without brushing the wet stones,

          In the soft dark of early evening,

          She came,

          The wind in her hair,

          The moon beginning.


          I woke in the first of morning.

          Staring at a tree, I felt the pulse of a stone.

          Where’s she now, I kept saying.

          Where’s she now, the mountain’s downy girl?

          But the bright day had no answer.

          A wind stirred in a web of appleworms;

          The tree, the close willow, swayed.

          Theodore Roethke


          …and now I’ll stop.


          Thanks for detailed info Thomas! :D


            the single is now available through the stickman webshop…


              awesome. thank you. ordered.


              Yeah, tnx! they didn´t sell it at the Bergen-gig, but I´ve ordered it now!


                new single is now also available from rune grammofon


                  listening to the new single right now for the first time…

                  what a fucking great song is the vistant!?!

                  and the guitar solo! woooooohhhh….


                  Just got the new single!

                  L-O-V-E !

                  boomer former helm

                    love it. great songs, visitant is very special even it sounds simple at the first listen. great, really great.






                      Just bought both “The Visitant” and the “X3” singles, but unfortunately I’ve been unable to listen to it. My dad’s record player has broken down, and I haven’t got enough money to invest in a new one! So I was wondering if anyone has converted these singles to MP3 format yet? I know “Child of the Future” has been circulating (I’ve got a digital copy), so I was wondering if anyone can help me out this time.. Just to prove that I did indeed buy the singles and is not just downloading illegally, here is a pictures of the beauties on my pillow :wink:






                      weird, how do you do this? I don’t even know how to get one of those small pictures next to my user name! :roll:

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