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    Heavy Metal Fruit enters at number one on VG-lista.


      I wonder, how does Motorpsycho usually fare in norwegian charts? Is this #1 entry a first?


      @Supernaut: They do it very well on the Norwegian charts. This is not their first #1 entry. Let Them Eat Cake, Phanerothyme and International Tussler Society are also number one albums. But other albums are close to the top. Here’s an overview of the Norwegian selling charts:


        It’s a small country :-) But this is great anyway! Imagine MP on #1 in Germany, haha! Away with all the crap, yay!


        We gave you Marit Larsen instead :)


          Thanks rattlesnake. Quite interesting how well COTF did.


            Generally all the MP releases does it quite well the first weeks due to the fact all the fans need to have it, then it disappears quite fast.


              yeah so I noticed, too. :lol: all the freaks rush the shops in a thunderstorm and that was it.


                Hey! Lovely Motorpsycho-Fans!

                Doès anybody know what


                t do that to your fans…


                  Hey! What`s about Hamburg in 2010?


                    What a fuck!

                    I can´t use my PC as you all do – because I´m to stupid I think!

                    I´m an “old” Motorpsycho Fan…it was (oh my english is very bad – sorry for that) in the year 1995, I saw Motorpsycho the first time in Lindenhof, Bad Segeberg.

                    I worked there…no, I saw them bevore…( Motorpsycho came to Lindenenhof since – puh – 1989?! ) but at that time, I realised, what a great Band they are…

                    We were sitting backstage and the Band were wonderful…signed our (theire) Rekords…and and and…beeing frinds an living the feeling of what it was in 1995.

                    (Oh…sorry…I´m an everyday yesterday)…

                    The Lindenhof in Bad Segeberg was a wondrful place (you can watch a memo homepage:

                    That time was

                    ve been famous

                    every time) later the Band Motorpsycho became much more famous…but not proud!

                    Last year, I was in Konzert (Hamburg, Ãœbel & Gefährlich)…and I

                    t know me after all that years… (Klaro)!

                    And if I had told…they reminded…and it was very ….(hmm my bad english…how could I discribe it..?)? – it was far from…but also near.

                    Very near to the People…

                    Whish you all the best…



                    This week they are down to number 6….


                    LOL when I meet the occiasional Norweigian(s) abroad, I somehow always ask of they know their 2nd biggest export product besides laks (salmon) somehow they don’t seem to know.

                    But it’s nice they immediately hit the top of the Local Billboard…it’s one astonishing album after 20years of making music Motorpsycho hit warpspeed with their latest masterpiece, thanks guys.


                  Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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                  …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994