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      @crosskip: don't know, I have the same problem :( I've noticed that this only occurs with "long" songs. But on the other hand, some other "long" songs aren't greyed out.

      Other people say that this has something to do with regional things… but that seems bs.

      But it's indeed a huge bummer that we can't hear the whole album on Spotify.


        I feel somewhat cheated now, considering that I bought both En Konsert for folk flest and Begynnelser on their releases without hearing the music first. But now all of a sudden they put them online without notice haha. I was very disappointed when i first heard begynnelser after spending 400nok on it…


          @Flippern, I think begynnelser only comes to its rights when you watch the DVD.

          When you only listen to the vinyl, it's somehow "special" :-)


            actually i haven't seen the dvd yet, but like the music as it is.


              @flippern… Dude i can understand you very well… I would have biten my ass if i had bought the Begynnelser Record for about 40 euro… Like i sad before that kind of simple instrumentals dont fit my music taste…. I hope for the tower to be a better album…

              mister conclusion

                Speaking of MP on spotify, they (or at least Gebhard) are also listed as contributors to the german CD "Popshopper's Shopping Guide", a comedy thing from 2003 containing some fake advertisements, mildly funny. The piece "Telemark Tools" is credited to "Popshoppers, Motorpsycho / H. Gebhard" and might be spoken by Gebhard. See also here: https://www.amazon.com/Telemark-Tools/dp/B004NHM3T2

                No, don't buy it, it is just a 23 second snippet with the sound of a chainsaw and somebody (Gebhard?) saying: "Komm und kaufen die neue Motorsäge von Telemark Tools. Telemark Tools, die Marke Ihres Vertrauens"

                I have never heard of that before. Weird.


                  Supersonic Scientists is now on Spotify, FYI.


                  SS available in Tidal too.

                Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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