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      Setlist for the upcoming album has arrived, and we assume the Orgelfest material will be represented on the Unicorn. I could find no discussion on the lyrics to the unknown songs played in Trondheim and Oslo, so I went back and tried to figure out some of the lyrics that may or may not eventually make their way to the album.

      (track times listed in case anyone wants to provide a second opinion)


      (abstRaKct's recording: ca.14:44-28:30. Singing starts @20:42)

      Godless, sweet, sweet child

      bless me with your laughter

      show me, make me understand

      never to judge hereafter

      Darkness, bible black

      poison in its splinters

      patience['s] stable (or: "stay my") hand

      guide me through this winter


      (abstRaKct's recording: ca.53:56-1:08:56. Singing starts @59:10)

      There's no silence left

      It's all lost in the ….? waste?

      And the hubris in the (hearts?)

      pretend some lies (??)

      what's not loot[ed] and pillage[d]

      seems to get lost in the spillage

          We miss it so

          Yes we miss it so

      Sometimes I can't hear to think

      I can't think to breathe

      I can't breathe enough to feel

      Or feel enough to love

      What's not lost in the spillage

      is just looted and pillaged

          And I miss it so

          Yes I miss it so


        I think the first word is "godless", apart from that I think you are pretty correct! At least I can't hear anything else. I hope it'll get easier when the record is out!


          It does seem the most likely opening word, yeah – corrected it now.

          Based on the theme presented in these songs they could turn out to be the two Proteus songs on the finished album. The first one has a prayer-like quality to it, and the second is very lamenting.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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