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      Excuse my ignorance: who’s the extra guitarist?

      They are playing Hush now btw. Nice!


        That could be Reine Fiske of Dungen. Did he also play keyboards (Mellotron that would be)? Hush!


          Yes! Then it’s probably Reine. Hard to tell from where I’m standing. (Røverstaden is not the best venue I’ve been at.

          They played Spin, spin, spin into Hush. I was wondering about the rhythm/groove of Spin, spin, spin, but it all made sense when they started Hush :)


            Yup it was Reine….


              I was surprised (and happy) to see Reine there. Saw him thursday in a bar in Trondheim (he was still there when I left).

              [Update – see Anders' set below]

              Highlights were "Intrepid Explorer" (a personal live-favourite), "Heartattack Mac" (mind-blowing – MUCH better than at Konserthuset, and "Back To Source" had a fantastic and quite melodic psych-jam), "Ship Of Fools" (just incredible energy) and "Taifun" (insanely good – absolutely God-like). I'm also glad they played "A Pacific Sonata" – one of my favourites from The Tower.

              The Other Anders


                Dream Home

                On a Plate





                Spin w/Hush snippet


                H Mac > Back to Source


                Sol på Sunnan (not played)

                Ship of Fools


                Un Chien (not played)

                The Tower

                2h 35



                  [Obsolete post]

                  The Other Anders

                    Thanks, Devotional, you are absolutely right. Manmower added. The Sonata is there, just written as on setlist.


                      Ah, I see! :)

                      Interesting that they had planned to do Un Chien. Bent told the crowd that they were tired, and only had energy left for one more song when they returned for the encore.

                      I was in the front row and had a fantastic time, but I'm sure the people in the back had a bit of a struggle seeing the band. Bent asked at one point "Do you see anything?", to which the crowd responded with a resounding "NOOO!" Bent smiled and said that they weren't much to look at anyway, so it's OK. A totally false statement btw, as both him and Snah were bundles of energy tonight. Oh, and Tomas was flawless. Had trouble hearing him over Snah's Hiwatt's at times, but his playing was brilliant.


                        Fantastic evening in Oslo.Tusen takk to all those cool fine people whom met.

                        Highlights were my beloved STARHAMSTER.What a jam…3xSpin with Hush for the black knights birthday…spaced out Taifun.

                        Did I say that I enjoyed every single moment

                        of my stay in the land of the viKINGS?

                        Takk Takk Takk as we say in Tyskland.

                        Have fun with the psychonauts in belgie and

                        Nederland…You'll be thrilled…

                          Røverstaden is not the best venue I’ve been at.

                          I would have to agree. Couldn't see anything, the sound was atrociously loud, and if it weren't for the fact that I saw Reine on stage, I wouldn't have believed he was there (his contributions were not very audible)

                          I moved around a lot to find a place with decent sound, but that was nowhere to be found…

                          Highlights: Dream Home, Starhammer (first time with Tomas?), and the last 4 tracks of the main set.

                          Shame they didn't play Sol PÃ¥ Sunnan + Un Chien!


                            Great gig again. Not my fav venue in oslo. Thomas was insane. Great drum sound. The sound of the snare drum was dope. Snah was on fire. I was hoping Kristoffer Lo was in the band. I think songs like Taifun need him.


                              Good gig, lots of syltetøy. Not impressed by Røverstaden :/


                                Is Reine going to play to whole tour?

                                The Other Anders

                                  I was in the first row too, just in front of Snah. Sound there was good, as we mostly heard the sound from the backline, which was rich, warm and pleasantly loud. I could hear Reine through the PA, and seeing him helped a lot. Then I could tell that he was actually playing a lot that was audible, for instance some mellow mellotron in Dream Home and a ferocious guitar solo in August, to mention but a few. It was probably hard to tell from further back in the room, though. Reine will play the upcoming Benelux dates.

                                  Jamming highlights: Dream Home, August, Intrepid Explorer (seemed re-arranged somehow), Starhammer (skronk territory), Spin Hush Spin, H Mac > Back To Source, Manmower, The Tower.

                                  Thanks all for an unforgettable day in Oslo! Just perfect in every way.

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