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    Great King Rat

      Dear music fans,

      last night I went to see Tool live for the first time in 20 years. It was an amazing event. They played in a huge venue in front of 10 000 people, I hadn't been to something like that before. And although I prefer smaller venues I have to admit there's definitely something to it, especially with a band like Tool. They were truly able to fill this huge place – in terms of visitors but also with their music, their presence, the visuals projected behind them and a perfectly fitting light show. They played 12 songs in not quite two and a half hours (including a 15 min. break) and there was virtually no improvising. A very different experience from a MP show altogether. But equally mind blowing to me. What a band.

      Now pumped for next week. See you on the road!


        I was there, too! Brilliant gig! That bass playing is just incredible (It's unnecessary to mention that Danny Carey is an alien!)


          I have a weird relationship with them. Used to be quite a fan, discovered them with Undertow when they played a 1500 people venue in my hometown as a support-support act (RATM and Fishbone would follow). They were very impressive even back then. Something different in the midst of grunge and alt-rock. Saw them with Lateralus at the same venue ten years later and that was amazing. Put up a big stadium show with lights and movies in a dense, almost intimate, venue. Then with 10000 Days and Fear Inoculum I saw them in our 10000 people hall and it was somewhat lacking. I'm not saying it was because of the venue size, I've enjoyed great shows there (Bowie, The Cure, Sabbath and whatnot) but I felt disconnected from the spectacle. But maybe I also got somewhat tired of their music, which to me became samey over the years. Soft then loud then tribal drumming and once again from the top… I still like Undertow the best of their records. Never had I thought that one day their original bass player from that album would one day be successor in one of my bands. Ha…. But I totally understand if anyone gets mesmerized by their shows. They are live art. And I'd go see them again for sure but not with a lot of traveling involved.

          Btw I highly recommend the album "Replicants". It was a cover songs recording project in 1995 or 6. The original Tool bass player Paul d'Amour played guitar on that one, alongside the guys from Failure, also a brilliant 90s band who are currently recording and touring again.


            I also attended a Tool concert for the first time ever this week (Monday in Oslo)

            I thought it was a really good gig. But I have to admit that Tool will never be my favorite band.

            I mean they are all fantastic musicians, no doubt about it. But their songwriting can be pretty inconsistent at times. Too many generic riffs, a bit too much pointless noodling. It's a shame because when they hit, they hit with millimeter precision.

            My favorite album is Ænima. Despite the numerous interludes and a couple of really lame songs, it has the best balance between short compact angry rockers and long psychedelic trips (mostly good)

            Great King Rat

              I like the first three albums best, too, with Aenima being on top. Thus I was quite happy they played Push it and Hooker with a penis from that one (a long psychedelic trip and a short rocker) and one from each Undertow and Schism. And what a singer Maynard is! He's almost 60 now and still sounds like back in the 90s.


                It blows my mind they are now an arena rock band selling out 20.000 capacity venues in an instant while commanding ticket prices of around 200€. Geez, what has happened there? ;-)

                Great King Rat

                  Yes, I was surprised by the size of the event, too. But then again, if you make yourself as rare as they do, a lot of people will seize the opportunity to see you.

                  As for the prices, you could get in for (a little) less than 100 Euros but also pay up to 300 for the prime area in front of stage. They certainly try to earn as much money as possible. For instance, you could buy a tour poster for 70 Euros and signed one for 300!


                    My ticket cost approx. €140 – 150 (in stark contrast, MP Sentrum Scene cost approx. €35)

                    But I fully understand that artists need to make up for the 2 years of covid where their income was severely lowered. Besides, it was my first (and possibly last) possibility to see them live.


                    I'm with supernaut on this. Always liked it, especially the Undertow era and the Aenima blast that it was at the time. Follow up albums kept me quite cold, although I enjoyed them.

                    Saw them every time they were in Europe since 96, always a good show, but as soon as they left small theatres, it became more of a circus full of masculinity and frat boys turds in the crowd.

                    Gonna see them next week, makes me feel old more than excited.

                    Also, 87€ in a 16K capacity place, it's a decent price I guess.

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