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    The Other Anders

      Good work. Yes, send it.


        as long as we're asking nicely and patiently and not kind of stating "we deserve this as fans and other artists are ok with it and think of your exposure". :wink:

        Dime works for me, though. But I usually grab the latest recordings and listen to them once or twice and that's it.


          Dime works for me, too but one reason that it does work for some people is the client: Many people want to use the latest utorrent client but only old clients of utorrent are accepted on dimeadozen.


          You can find a zip file with an old client of utorrent there.


            Ah yes I forgot. I‘m using an older client as well.


              This is what I sent:

              Dear Motorpsycho Management,

              my Name is Marcel and I am a big fan for more or less 20 years now. I regulary attend the concerts in Leipzig, Berlin and Dresden and I consider myself somewhat of a very very lucky guy calling Motorpsycho my absolute favourite Band.

              I am also discussing Motorpsycho-related stuff in the fix.no forum and after another breathtaking European Tour we were thinking, that it would be awesome to make the many many fanmade recordings of the shows, made over the years more easily accessable to the family. Back in the days Motorpsycho gave their go for fan-recordings and distribution in the fanbase. For many years this went on over the torrent-platform dimedozen. Since most of the older torrents are now kind of dead and the process of sharing is becoming more and more complicated for some people obviously, we thought of an alternative.

              Several options were named and we agreed that the live music archive on the achive.org plattform would be perfect. Not only is it home to the massive Grateful Dead live tape collection, but it has since developped and hosts lots of fan recordings from other interesting bands such as Snarky Puppy, Godspeed You Black Emperor or Oresund Space Collective. Besides there is a policy at archive.org to stick to the copyrights of musicians and seek their permission.

              We agreed in the Motorpsycho forum that we don't like the idea to proceed without permission of band and management. We are certain that this will not diminish Motorpsycho's income in any way – on the other hand there might be raising even more interest in the band via an archive.org Motorpsycho collection of fan recordings. Should any conflicts arise uploaders could easyly be contacted with their given archive.org mail adress.

              We would be very happy to receive a positive answer for our undertaking.




                Alright cool! Let's hope we get a positive answer :)


                  so far zero response :( any suggestions? i don't want to stress them

                  The Other Anders

                    Zero response is unfortunately not unexpected. But it is/has been summer holidays, so…

                    Our problem is two-fold:

                    1) We can't add new members to motortrades as the person who can do that is no longer active in the community (if I understand it correctly).

                    2) Some of us cannot (for technical or practical reasons) get stuff off Dime.

                    I don't think though, that our community of live recording collectors is very big. We would love for it to grow, and in that way contribute to spreading the word, but for now I think we should wait a bit more.

                    In the meantime, it is my impression that people here gladly share the recordings with non-torrenters, for instance via WeTransfer.

                    I will gladly share what I have, you can always write me at adandenco2 :smoke: yahoo :mrgreen: dk


                      Great! Thanks for sharing!!!

                    Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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