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      Hey friends,

      i wrote it already in the Bielefeld Topic, i have huge problems with dime and a even bigger need for MP Bootlegs ^^ I don't know about others, how you manage to run Dime. For me the whole Torrent thing gives me the creeps. Still i am sure that there are many people here who'd love to get there hands on good bootlegs.

      I want to discuss with you the possibility to find another way to share

      Would be sooooo nice!



        There is a private MP torrent site called Motortrades. Most of the stuff that's on Dime, can be

        found there too: http://motortrades.org/index.php

        Not sure if you need an invite to join.

        The Other Anders

          But where is the administrator of Motortrades? How long since we last were able to add new members?

          I know Juergen is doing his best to keep the tracker alive, and now that I have found qBittorrent I am back on and seeding when I can, and a few more do too, but I haven't seen new members in a long time.


            From my experience Motortrades is too small a community to operate on classic trading mode – for instance upload/download quota. Too keep alive you need a regular influx of new members or at least a large number of permanent seeders and leechers. That can hardly achieved by a trading forum dedicated to one band only. Once you've grabbed everything you can get (sorry, but people are motorgreedy ;-) ), the thing is dead. And when a community dies or is only rarely visited, administrators lose interest. This is usually the end. Insofar Motortrades has valiantly fought against that trend for a long time, but I think it is long overdue to revert to DIME, like it or not.


              hm… what about a cloud? would this be suitable in any way? or maybe some remark in the database like who made the recording of a certain gig. so others would know whom to ask for a wetransfer or sth

              Phoots Flower

                Telegram private / open group?

                Files up to 2 gigabytes can be uploaded.



                  I also have problems with DIME.

                  That's why I only download MOTORPSYCHO concerts there (also because of the ratio).

                  But why do I never find MOTORPSYCHO concerts on "Traders Den"?

                  (I have a very good ratio there.)


                  Or "archive.org" would also be a good idea, like ├śresund Space Collective does.



                  Godspeed You Black Emperor!







                    the thing with the Archive is also interesting. (as well as the two Bands you mentioned. seen them both, great Bands!!)

                    The question here is, whether the people who recorded the stuff is willing to upload them. guess it is a lot of work to do this.

                    personally i dream of finding the best live version of all the songs (i know… this already seems impossible ^^) and make a 'live' Discografie out of them. Means, f.e. Trust Us Live which would contain the best versions of each Trust Us Song. Actually i am listening more to the bootlegs lately then to their official records since they are at some places much more exciting ^^

                    mister conclusion

                      I also think that something like archive.org would be great. Especially when there is a possibility to rank the recordings by e.g. the sound quality. The qulity of the older recordings varies from barely listenable to just great. The communitiy could help to figure out the outstanding ones.

                      My own collection (big but not complete) is about 320 GB already, so there is some storage space required.

                      Does anybody know how much something like that would cost and if there would be any legal issues to be considered?


                        I really like to idea to upload everything on archive.org This way we could link it to mpdb.space :-D

                        @mister conclusion: I don't see any pricing on archive and there is no upload limit. The band approved the recordings show, so I guess there won't be any legal issues.


                          As I am sceptical about any other platform with ratio regulations (everyone prefers the service s/he's got the best ration on) I find the archive.org idea intriguing. Not least because archive.org once started hosting all those Dead recordings.

                          That would need a little organisation though. I would like to start a test upload, but that would of course involve the o.k. of the original taper/DIME uploader. Besides we should probably get the OK from Motorpsycho management to create a MP live collection on archive org.

                          Once there are at least 50 different uploads in the Live Music Archive on archive.org, you can ask them to create a collection. Besides for uploads you have to stick to certain naming standards. You need a 2 letter band abbreviation (MP is still not being used, I've checked that), then the description should be like this:


                          Probably there could be an agreement with all those tapers and uploaders on DIME, Motortrades etc. that concerts are uploaded on archive.org only after a certain amount of first publication on said platforms (probably 4-6 weeks?).

                          I think the upload itself is not problematic – once these points have been agreed upon everyone with a free archive.org account can upload his or others MP recordings (taper's agreement provided of course). Probably we might need some kind of administrator for the Live Music Archive Collection, once it has been registered, but that should not be a problem.

                          It would be great to have a (completist) MP live collection on archive.org – so please do comment on this idea (tapers especially)!

                          btw: archive.org is certainly the platform of choice. telegram can go to hell as far as I'm concerned…


                            Relisten is another cool platform for live recordings. Even comes in app form, so you can stream.



                              I think it is most important to agree to one platform first, or we're were we started first. Relisten is probably good for streaming, but streaming is ecologically unsound and bad four your soul (Church of Heartfield, pope according to R.A. Wilson). I would prefer a stable platform where both listening and downloading are equally easy, and this seems to be the case with archive.org. If somebody additionally wants to feed relisten, no problem, as these platforms obviously have an agreement.


                                Using archive.org is a good idea – however! – in order to be fully searchable, all tracks should have song titles in the file names AND in the ID3 tags. This is not the case with the vast majority of recordings in circulation today and will require a lot of work. Otherwise the archive would be impossible to navigate.


                                  I am in favor of Archive.org as a long-term solution. If it's good enough for the Dead community, then I think that's enough said.

                                  I download a shit-ton of music from Dime. The ratio issue is not relevant to me, but I understand that it is for many people. Dime is great, but it's kind of hard to weed through the latest Helios Creed flood, or whatever it might be, to focus on what you want to grab.

                                  It would not be a bad thing for MP music to be properly tagged. Yes, it's a lot of work. I tag every show myself, and it takes time, but I just get into it. I am happy to engage w this project if help is wanted or needed.

                                  At the end of the day, any BitTorrent solution relies on at least one person keeping a show alive for the future. I run a seedbox 24/7, and I hope to do so for another forty years. Hopefully, there will be others. With Archive.org functioning as the repository, I think there's a better chance of expanding the community into the future.

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