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    rumour has it Motorpsycho will play a couple of tunes at thePatrick Fitzgerald Tribute-concert in Trondheim tonight.. if anyone is going, bring rec-equipment! :)

    should be good fun, lotsa good bands, Dog & Sky (Matt Burt), BC, Reilly Express, Monolithic (Kenneth Kapstad) and the list goes on..

    don’t know if Jello Biafra will show up, but considering it costs 250 kroners (30 euros roughly) who knows.. with a good crowd they should be able to fly him in.. :)



      Dog & Sky (Matt Burt)

      Did he move back to Norway? Or is he only visiting? Didn’t they kick him out or something?


      Matt has been here for as long as I can remember.. There were indeed a problem with his residency some years ago, but it never materialized..

      did anyone go to the show?


      Vegard B. Havdal

        According to this, they played with Attila The Stockbroker on vocal and a person with a gorilla mask on keyboards.


          It was like a punch in the face!

          Great, short and unexpected!

          My hopes were up after having seen both Snah and Kenneth on stage earlier, but yeah, it was a kick to see them on stage again. Loud and fabulous.

          Punch is a great song.

          Had a chat with Snah later on, he said the stuff they recorded in Chicago is excellent. Hope they release it one day.

          The trip to (where was it, Bergen? Stavanger?) to record new stuff failed. Something or someone was ill or something like that. (I was slightly under the influence… 8))

          No more dates planned for spring in Europe. Just Tilburg and Luxembourg. Boohoo!



            Funny trivia: The guy who wrote that article (Tommy Olsson) actually sings “back-vocals” on Punch. Those Punch-screams in the chorus? Yep, that’s him.


              Yeah, Jørgen Træen (the guy in bergen) has been sick, afaik. It has delayed the upcoming Jaga Jazzist-album aswell.


                otherdemon: how cool! Tommy Olsson is a personal favorite art critic of mine!


                Is there any news on the cd ” All Sewn Up”? I cannot wait to hear Jello with our friends. Mr. Biafra is known for his incendiary collaborations. Anyone who hasn’t heard his record with NoMeansNo (“The Sky Is Falling… And I Want My Mommy” ) is in for a big surprise!



              Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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