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    In Dutch:

    Interview with Snah. I’ve got no time for a complete translation, the highlights:

    – The played the Golden Core in Berlin for Lars, and they opened with a poppy song, just because they felt like it.

    – Weakest link during MP concert is the singing. Snah agrees, they are aware of that and are glad the fans are too.

    – “We don’t think more than 6 months ahead. We are now making plans for the summer festivalsin 2010. Music is a matter of now. Of life and death.That won’t ever change.”


      Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Will have to buy the paper today. :)

      Nice quote: “Bent and I are a sort of vampires. We get a new guy in and suck him dry in a year or two.”

      Let’s hope that Kenneth stays a little longer than that. My, oh my, what a drummer.


      This bit’s rather rude, though; the interviewer describing Kenneth: “Kapstadt, who resembles a pale, emaciated ghost, is an impressive percussionist who also dares to improvise” — actually in Dutch it’s even more over the top, ‘Dood van Pierlala’ is another word for the Grim Reaper or Death. Oh well, Kenneth’s metal, he might appreciate it. Anyway, it’s a male journalist, maybe he’s just jealous :MPD:


        jealous of being not just skin & bones? :wink:


        ha ha! no, silly. jealous of not having the physique of a yoga master:

        if that’s what death looks like…hmmm… :MPD:


        I met Snah one hour for the concert @ Brussels, I had my zoom with me. Could have arranged an interview myself. I alwasy wonder were he, Bent and Kenneth get the psyhics to do concert for most of the times say more than 2.30hours

        It sounds like a complete work-out each evening

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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