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      Hey all. I just put together a stat of which Songs I saw them play in concert, how often, and so on.

      I know there are the crazy folks here who saw them several hundred times ^^. Is there maybe somone araound who saw already every Song of them played live? What are the Songs you saw most and which are the Songs you want them to play real badly?

      My stats:

      Concerts visited: 15


      Burg Herzberg Festival x 3, Beatpol, Dresden x 4, Conne Island, Leipzig x 5, Lido, Berlin x1, Astra, Berlin x 1, Columbiatheater, Berlin x 1

      Different songs played: 123

      Song played most often: Feel

      Song anticipated most: Radiance Freq


      Spitting Incident at Conne Island during 'The Golden Core' in 2010

      Extreme Heat at Conne Island in 2014

      Last Concert of Kenneth Kapstad at Beatpol, Dresden in 2016

      Any more suggestions for Categories? I am very curious :)

      Punj Lizard

        I'll play

        Concerts visited: 13 (2017-2022)


        Gloria Cologne x 2; Islington O2 (London), Bürgerhaus Stollwerck (Cologne), Viktorie (Alkmaar), Roadburn Festival (Tilburg), Zakk (Düsseldorf), Union Scene (Drammen), 229 The Venue 2 (London), Flashback Records (London), Vera (Groningen), Het Depot (Leuven), Schlachthof (Bremen) all x 1

        Different songs played: 67

        Song played most often: The Tower (9)

        Song anticipated most: 577

        Specials (too many to mention :wink: ):

        Un Chien d'Espace – Köln 2017

        Lacuna/Sunrise – Leuven 2019

        Seeing Kenneth Kapstad leave the venue after Elephant9 played and before Motorpsycho came on – Drammen 2018

        Flashback Records acoustic show – 2019


          @Punj wow… you have been busy :) remember when you joined here. Feels like yesterday :D To Kenneth i talk kind of always when i visit Spidergawd Concerts. Great guy! At my first Spidergawd Concert i had also the pleasure talking to Bent when they had a Pizza right in front of the 50 People Venue after the Concert. What a day!


            @dongonz It seems we have seen each other some times :-)

            Concerts visited: 15 (2008-2022)


            Beatpol, Dresden x5; Conne Island, Leipzig x4; Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin x2; Faust, Hannover 1x; Schlachthof, Bremen 1x; Schlachthof, Wiesbaden 1x; Gloria, Köln 1x

            Songs heard: 228

            Different songs played: about 90? 121

            Song played most often: no idea Greener 7x, Cruicible 7x

            Song anticipated most: All is loneliness


            2008 Beatpol, Dresden – my very first one, I had no idea who they are, I just read an ad in the city news and thought "Motorpsycho" sounds like "Motörhead" might be not too bad. They needed about 15 Minutes to catch me :-)

            2012 Conne Island, Leipzig – The Death Defying Unicorn my second one. Unbelievably loud, unbelievably good and "Burn" as an encore. From that point on, they had me forever.


            Concerts visited: 31 (i think); 2000-2019


            Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Spain

            Different songs played: Many

            Song played most often: You Lied? Hogwash? Serpentine? Upstairs Downstairs?

            Song anticipated most: K9; this piece has retained all its magic since the first time I witnessed it live.

            Specials; in chronological order:

            Jam > K9 part 1> K9 jam > Upstairs Downstairs opener for my first show

            K9 at Trondheim fall 2006; the one time I was left not only speechless, but unable to speak.

            Glow > jam > Hogwash at Eindhoven 2008; the jam in that segue was out of this world

            All is Loneliness closer at Rotterdam, 2008 with a dead silent audience holding their collective breaths until Bent's vocals had been reduced to an acapella whisper to close the song

            Enjoying the show sitting on a bar stool with my feet on stage and Bent's bass towering almost directly above me in a small basement at Barcelona, 2011


            Concerts 12 since 2008

            3 Herzberg, 3 Schlachthof Bremen, 3 Markthalle Hamburg, Gruenspan Hamburg, Faust Hannover, Krach am Bach Festival

            79 different songs. Most often: Tower/You Lied (6)

            Most anticipated STG. Coming true just a few weeks ago in Bremen.

            Most special Bremen 2017: A K9 Space out and TGC encore…


              Concerts visited: 38 (from 1998-05-07 to 2022-05-23)


              01 Hannover, Faust 08.05.98

              02 Braunschweig, Meier Music Hall 25.04.99

              03 Leer, Zollhaus 01.07.99

              04 Bremen, Schlachthof 31.03.00

              05 Leipzig, Conne Island 26.04.00

              06 Berlin, Kesselhaus 27.04.00

              07 Hannover, Capitol 23.08.00

              08 Bergen, Kvarteret 16.10.00

              09 Stavanger, Folken 17.10.00

              10 Oslo, Rockefeller 19.10.00

              11 Oslo, Rockefeller 20.10.00

              12 Ås, Studentsammfunnet21.10.00

              13 Bremen, Schlachthof 25.09.01

              14 Bielefeld, Forum 12.10.01

              15 Hamburg, Große Freiheit „Stickstock“ 13.10.01

              16 Köln, Live Music Hall14.10.01

              17 Berlin, Casino 15.10.01

              18 Hannover, Faust 16.10.01

              19 Hamburg, Docks 10.04.02

              20 Mannheim, Capitol 23.04.02

              21 Köln, E-Werk “Introducing 2002“-Festival 16.08.02

              22 Bremen, Schlachthof 31.10.02

              23 Berlin, Columbiahalle 01.11.02

              24 Bielefeld, Forum 21.11.02

              25 Berlin, Postbahnhof 01.05.06

              26 Berlin, Postbahnhof 17.05.08

              27 Bremen, Schlachthof 30.05.08

              28 Leipzig, Conne Island 07.06.10

              29 Hannover, MusikZentrum 16.10.11

              30 Leipzig, Conne Island 19.04.12

              31 Dresden, Beatpol 11.05.13

              32 Leipzig, Conne Island 10.06.14

              33 Dresden, Beatpol 27.04.16

              34 Oldenburg, Kulturetage 13.05.16

              35 Leipzig, Conne Island 09.11.17

              36 Hannover, Faust 23.05.19

              37 Leipzig, Conne Island 16.10.19

              38 Dresden, Beatpol 23.05.22

              Different songs played: 181 (out of 430 which the band has played in total)

              Song played most often: The Other Fool (18 times), not my favourite one, though

              Song anticipated most: Radiance Freq (the first ever song I have heard live and it caught me immediately), Un Chien D'Espace, Flick Of The Wrist (please play it again)

              Specials: too many to mention:

              like meeting Anders and Oystein in Norway 2000 on concerts, being for the first time in Rockefeller Oslo or in Conne Island Leipzig or Beatpol Dresden – Faust in Hannover and Forum Bielefeld and Folken Stavanger are impressive venues, too

              (almost forgotten) but great venues:

              Leer Zollhaus (is there still going on anything?)

              Berlin Kesselhaus

              Oldenburg Kulturetage (please play there again)


                Concerts visited: 18 (1996-2022).

                Longest gap between shows: 7 years (2002-10-29 to 2009-10-29) :(

                Locations: Six different cities in Sweden (incl five different venues in Stockholm), Oslo (twice), Utrecht, Copenhagen (thrice) and Berlin.

                Most "obscure": Strömsborg in Vänersborg, Sweden, 1997-11-02 (opening for Fireside), and Herrgår'n in Linköping, Sweden, 1998-03-26.

                Most songs at a show: 18 (Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014-06-11).

                Least songs at a show: 6 (Raj Harder indoors festival in Köping, Sweden, 1997-11-01).

                Different songs experienced: 126.

                Song experienced most often: "STG" (9 times), and luckily it's a great one :-)

                Song anticipated most: "The wheel", which I still haven't experienced live :|


                -A couple of "Un chien d'espace" performances before the jams became ridiculously extended :lol: I know a lot of people love it more the longer it gets. One of my favorite songs but I don't think it benefits from exceeding 18 minutes – those improvisations don't match the mood of the lyrics or the feel of the basic song, according to me.

                -"Painting the night unreal" – a huge favorite of mine – once (Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, 2002-10-29).

                -Two nights in a row this year (Malmö and Copenhagen) with only one (1) overlapping song. Total worship!


                  Cool! Love these kinds of lists…

                  Concerts visited: 17 (2013-2022)

                  Locations: all different ones, except for Het Depot (Leuven, BE) twice (and a third time later this year)

                  NL, 03/08/2013: Nirwana Tuinfeest, Lierop (festival)

                  NO, 11/09/2013: Driv, Tromso

                  BE, 29/05/2014: VK, Brussels

                  NL, 28/06/2015: Down The Rabbit Hole (festival)

                  BE, 05/09/2015: Villa Pace, Sint-Niklaas (festival)

                  BE, 29/04/2016: Het Depot, Leuven

                  NL, 30/04/2016: TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

                  DE, 04/08/2017: Krach am Bach, Beelen (festival)

                  IT, 01/09/2017: 2 Days Prog + 1, Veruno (festival)

                  BE, 26/10/2017: Casino, Sint-Niklaas

                  BE, 29/10/2017: Botanique, Brussels

                  BE, 17/04/2018: Reflektor, Liège

                  NL, 20/04/2018: 013, Tilburg (Roadburn)

                  NL, 08/12/2018: Doornroosje, Nijmegen

                  BE, 22/05/2019: Het Depot, Leuven

                  BE, 30/10/2021: Vooruit, Ghent (Desertfest)

                  BE, 25/05/2022: Entrepôt, Arlon

                  BE, 23/09/2022: Het Depot, Leuven

                  Different songs played: 98

                  Song played most often: Ship of Fools & The Cuckoo (7)

                  Song anticipated most: (as in 'not seen live yet'?) The Golden Core, W.B.A.T. and Gullible's Travails


                  – Seeing them in the high north of Norway (Tromso) and interviewing them just before the show (interview was agreed on the day before, while I requested it 3 or 4 weeks earlier, hadn't heard anything from them or the management in-between, so the preparation was quite stressy)

                  – The entire Botanique (Brussels) concert in 2017 (Un chien d'espace! The wheel! A pacific sonata! Here be monsters! Ship of fools! Vortex surfer! And a couple more…)

                  – Feedtime – Utrecht 2017

                  – Not having any memory of the Krach am Bach show in 2017 (was I there?)

                  – Seeing my girlfriend being in a total trance and state of 'disbelief' at the Nijmegen show in 2018 (her first MP gig)

                  – Driving 1000 km for the (free!) 2 Days Prog + 1 festival where they played in 2017

                  – A crowd of around 40 people in Arlon this week, the smallest audience I've ever experienced at a MP show


                    @ nicoot: Thanks for the personal report. Is the interview from 2013 released, e. g. for a report? Is it available? Motorpsycho don't do many interviews.


                      @Juergen I can't seem to find it online anymore, but I just found it in my own mailbox (the advantages of sending stuff to yourself, just in case…). So that was almost 9 years ago, I'd discovered MP a few months earlier and I had (next to) no experience with interviews or journalism (and almost no time to prepare), so bear with me… ;-) Also not in my mother tongue…

                      It was an interview for the student magazine of Universitetet i Tromso, called Utropia. I think the Word version I have is about 95% of what eventually appeared in the magazine.

                      I also wrote a 'review' of their 2013 Driv gig, but can't seem to find it anywhere, not online, not in my mailbox…

                      Where can I send the interview to?


                        Great thread! Love reading the specials. But how do you guys count the individual songs seen? Is there a tool or clever way to do it other than manually? Is this something I can do with the help of the database?


                          I actually gathered the concerts from and entered the songs in a table and counted them together. Took as long as "Little Lucid Moments" :-)


                            Concerts visited: 78 between 1996-2022

                            Locations: many in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Norway, most notorious city hometown Berlin (17x), most notorious venues Conne Island Leipzig (5x) and Schlachthof Bremen (5x)

                            Different songs played: many

                            Song played most often: most likely Hogwash (23), Superstooge (21), The Other Fool (19), STG (18), but that is just a superficial count based on my own textfile with setlist from my shows

                            Song anticipated most: K9, always


                            > Berlin 1996: My first one. Only went there because the preview in the city mag sounded interesting.


                            > Dresden 1999: The first one I traveled to. My first K9 encore, close to 45 min. Point of no return.

                            > Hamburg 2000: The first one where I knew the entire catalogue, every song and the first one I taped.

                            > Leipzig / Berlin 2000: Getting hooked on travelling to see MP, making friends…

                            > Bielefeld 2001: Listening to the soundcheck where they kinda did The Who's "Live at Leeds"

                            > Oslo 2003: Tussler tour of Oslo, 4 shows in 4 days in 4 venues

                            > Rostock 2006: Intimate show with super setlist. Met my soon-to-be girl-friend, a fellow traveling MP fan, on the trip to this show from the previous one in Copenhagen. We are still together today :-)

                            > Berlin 2008: The first MP show after a while, my first one with Kenneth, an explosion of energy!

                            > Leipzig 2010: The one with the 21 minute "Arne H" on Roadworks IV

                            > Bielefeld 2015: I remember the band as extraordinarily telepathic and dialed in. A rare trio show!

                            > München / Dresden 2022: The biggest difference between two consecutive shows I have yet witnessed.


                              Besuchte Konzerte : Ca. 12

                              2003 durfte ich MP zum ersten mal live erleben und es hat mich einfach nur weggeblasen…

                              Was für eine unglaublich krasse Band…

                              So viele verschieden Trips und Abende hab ich mit MP schon verbracht das wird auf ewig ein bestandteil meines lebens sein…

                              Wo ? :

                              Amsterdam 1 X

                              Nijmegen 1 mal

                              Köln 4 X

                              Bielefeld 1 X

                              Düsseldorf 5 X

                              Am häufigsten gespielt : Year Zero…

                              Highlight : Whip that ghost als opener in Düsseldorf und die Unicorn Tour in Nijmegen mit Kenneth an den Drums.. Was für ein Tier..

                              Ewig erwartet und nie Live bekommen : Bedroom Eyes

                              Nach fast 3 jahren Pause wird es mal wieder Zeit..

                              Dieses Jahr hab ich es leider wieder nicht geschafft zu einem Konzert zu fahren…

                              Aber nächste Tour bin ich wieder mit dabei..

                              Die Jungs werden ja auch nicht Jünger…

                              Psychonauts für immer


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                            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994