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      Concerts visited : 37 between 1999 – 2022. If we count unofficial concerts, collaborations, solo stuff, then it's somewhere between 50-60 concerts…

      Locations : With a few exceptions, all concerts in the Oslo area. I did see a few Tønsberg gigs tho (Total 2013 + the Demon Box gig in 2015). Plus one concert in Trondheim (Begynnelser play in 2017, if it counts :lol: )

      Different songs played : 194 unique, 538 total.

      Songs played most often : Walking On The Water + The Other Fool + Neverland + Feel (9)

      Song anticipated most : TGC and Un Chien. Two of their finest songs, for different reasons. But in general I like to be surprised.

      Specials :

      My first gig, October 16th 1999, all-ages matinee show @ Rockefeller Oslo. They open with a jammy, playful version of In Memory of Elisabeth Reed. Quite the statement! The rest of the show was a nice mix of new and old, including a preview of The Other Fool released the year after. After this there was no turning back, psychonaut for life…

      Other than that, the 3 best gigs I ever attended is probably:

      Rockefeller 26-04-2002

      Øyafestivalen 14-08-2010 (Timothy's Monster gig)

      Blitz 24-11-2022

      And may there be more great gigs to comm! :MPD:


        For those who have seen many gigs and heard many different songs: You don't have to count the concerts and songs manually. We have a database:


        You need to register with a name. Then you can click on every show which you saw on the "I was not there" button. It changes to "I was there" after you have clicked it.

        We have a "my gigs" section. It counts the number of shows and the number of different songs (called "unique" songs) and the total number of songs for you.

        The database even counted 183 songs for me, I counted manually less.

        The Other Anders

          Juergen, are you a moderator of the site? I registered some days ago, but never received my password. When I try to register again, my username (The Other Anders) is taken.


            Anders: This is just to save the system from a complete meltdown, with your massive list of gigs :twisted:

            The Other Anders

              mefisto: Hahaha! And still you would beat me if you counted yours.

              Tomcat and Wulf, both of you must surely have been to 100s of gigs by now?


                @Jürgen (or moderator): It seems that no mails are sent out with the actual settings, at least that's what WordPress says when I ask for a new pw. And: Thank you for your work (+Ingo/Dennis).

                @Mefisto: Hehehe, you mp-vikings!

                : You're right, Arlon was #121 (Tussler not counted)


                  Anders, I am one of the three persons who typed the setlists into the database (Ingo and Dennis did, too) but I am not the moderator/administrator. I will write you and the moderator a private e-mail and you can try to solve the problem directly.


                    @Anders, I see that you've already registered yourself to the database website. Can you send me an email so we can fix your login issue? My address is perremans[dot]dennis[at]gmail[dot].com

                      Great King Rat

                        I was able to verify some 30+ shows, although I'm sure there are quite a few missing. Which is entirely possible since my memories from the time between 2000 and 2010 are… well, a bit blurred. So this is confirmed but not complete:

                        Shows: 33

                        Locations: Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Bielefeld, Berlin (all multiple times) plus Cologne, Kiel, Oldenburg, Muenster and Deventer (once each)

                        Different songs played: 171

                        Songs played most often: Walking on the water (13x), Vortexsurfer (11x)

                        Songs anticipated most (but never seen): Radiance freq


                        – my very first show at Hurricane `99 where they basically played the entire Roadworks I plus one or two others. Completely blew me away.

                        – when they opened a show in Hamburg 2002 with The Giftland. The strange sounds/noise from the beginning of the song were played on loop in the venue for an half-hour or so before they entered the stage. Sooner or later, people started recogizing it and realizing what it meant. Big grins everywhere.

                        Feedtime 2016

                        – the 2017 Schlachthof gig that began with Un chien and closed with The Golden Core. Absolutely out of this world.

                        – each rendition of The Wheel (4x) and The Golden core (3x) I was allowed to witness


                          My stats:

                          Concerts visited: 31 since 2006

                          Locations: 23 x Oslo (Rockefeller, Sentrum Scene, Domkirken, Operaen, Teknisk Museum, Øyafestivalen, Røverstaden, Blitz), various other norwegian cities including a few times in Trondheim.

                          Different songs played: 173 unique, 431 total

                          Song played most often: KDH, Walking on the Water, No Evil, Sail On and STG

                          Song anticipated most: Tough call, but probably K9. These days though, anything pre 2012 would be very welcome..


                          – The first times seeing the band in 2006. Four times that year. The Øya gig I have fond memories of.

                          – The time an icelandic volcano stopped me from seeing the band in Bergen. Received news of the cancellation on the train halfway between Oslo and Bergen. So I went to Bergen anyway.

                          – Timothys Monster at Øya 2010.

                          – Blitz, standing in front of Bents rack. That sound..

                          – Proto-‘Here Be Monsters’ at Teknisk Museum.

                          – Sentrum Scene 2019. Absolutely incredible, crystal clear sound in the venue. Especially after seeing them in Hamar the day before where the sound was a woolly wall of noise.

                          Being norwegian, I have seen my fair share of one-off gigs and rarities, but I am envious of you guys living in Europe proper. Following the band around for a few weeks is a long standing dream of mine, but it cannot be done in Norway. Too few gigs. Every year I half assedly plan doing it next year, but life always finds a way to rockblock me.


                            Concerts visited : 14 between 2010 and 2022.

                            Locations : Köln/Cologne (3x Gloria, 3x Bürgerhaus Stollwerck), 3x Düsseldorf Zakk, 2x Burg Herzberg Festival, 2x Krach am Bach Festival, Bielefeld Forum

                            Different songs played : 110 unique, 203 total.

                            Songs played most often : Starhammer, Year Zero (6x), Fools Gold, Sail On, Serpentine, The Tower (5x)

                            Song anticipated most : The Wheel, N.O.X.

                            Specials :

                            – First gig, Gloria in Köln, what a special night to experience the full wall of sound 2 metres from center stage with that maniac drummer expected every moment to jump over his set!

                            – An even better trance-like experience in 2011 Zakk with Überwagner.

                            – The storm gig at Zakk in 2014: The hall was so steaming hot at first, the band played an acoustic set we enjoyed a lot. Then suddenly the air cooled down by 10 to 15°C when that mean thunderstorm rushed over the west of Germany which we only realized afterwards outside. The boys played louder than every storm! What a slalom to get out of Düsseldorf and finally home.

                            – They lost me a bit in 2016 an 2017: Last gig with Kenneth which felt strangely unsatisfying (hints of things to come?), the 2017 gig in Stollwerck didn't click with me again though the recordings on Roadwork 5 are favourites now …

                            – And then being brave at the Herzberg gig in 2018 to stand in front row opposite a phalanx of subwoofers – until the Moog basses kicked in – oh boy, we watched the rest including the Wheel from a save distance. :)

                            And hooked again since then!


                              190 shows since 1993 (Tussler not included).

                              Most played song: Walking on the water, 62 times!

                              Most anticipated song: President Block (of course!)

                              Specials: too many to mention, probably all the fabulous people I have met around Europe!

                              Unique songs: 275

                              Total songs: 2960

                              Thanks everyone for a hell of a ride so far!


                                190 shows! 8O Fekkin hell. That is… a lot. That is well over 15% of all MP gigs ever played. Respect.


                                  Concerts visited 32 from 1995 to 2022.

                                  1995: Köln – Luxor, Bizarre festival

                                  1996: Zürich, LUV

                                  1997: Biel, Coupole

                                  1997: Geneva, l'Usine

                                  1998: Biel, Coupole

                                  1999: Biel, Coupole

                                  2000: Biel, Coupole

                                  2001: Biel, Coupole

                                  2002: Biel, Coupole

                                  2002: Zürich, Rote Fabrik

                                  2006: Biel, Coupole

                                  2008: Lausanne, Le Romandie

                                  2009: Fribourg, fri-son

                                  2009: Winterthur, Salzhaus

                                  2009: Berlin, Lido

                                  2010: Berlin, Astra

                                  2012: Lausanne, D! Club, TDDU quartett with Stale

                                  2012: Oslo, TDDU at operaen, both shows

                                  2013: München, Backstage

                                  2013: Bern, Reithalle

                                  2014: Zürich, Rote Fabrik

                                  2016: München, Backstage

                                  2016: Fribourg, fri-son

                                  2017: Biel, Coupole

                                  2018: Bern, Reithalle

                                  2018: Luzern, Schüür

                                  2018: Winterthur, Salzhaus

                                  2019: Zürich, Rote Fabrik (finally in the bigger room)

                                  2019: Lausanne, Les Docks

                                  2022: Fribourg, fri-son

                                  2022: Winterthur, Salzhaus

                                  Song played most often: no idea but I feel it might be Heartattac Mac

                                  Songs anticipated most: I'm always giddy for H-Mac, Taifun, STG, Alchemyst, Ship of Fools & TGC

                                  Songs anticipated super most: The Wheel & NOX

                                  Songs never heard live: The Wheel & NOX


                                  – going to see them in '95 in Köln for the first time, not recognizing them when they played until almost the end of the show due to mostly new/unreleased material and me being unaware of the line-up running order (4 bands).

                                  – opening for them twice in '97 and sucking at it. But at least there's been a loose connection backstage say hello chat thingy now and then ever since.

                                  – TDDU at the opera, no words

                                  – those 3 shows in 2018 within 4 days and almost walking distance in little switzerland

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