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      Concerts visited: 46 (1992-2022), plus a couple of Tusslers and a performance of Begynnelser.

      Locations: Bergen (nine different venues), Oslo (three venues), Tønsberg, Molde, Voss (twice), Trondheim (three times), Ås. All of these are in Norway, but I hope to add some foreign cities during a forthcoming tour.

      Different songs played: 213

      Song played most often: STG (17)

      Song anticipated most: Too many to mention, but K9 is always a treasure. As is Feedtime. And The Core.


      * The first show, at Hulen – a sparsely attended show, where half of those present drifted over to the dance floor before the show was over.

      * Timothy's at Øya; Demon Box at Slottsfjell; The Unicorn at the Opera

      * K9 at Landmark, Bergen, in September 2017.

      * The most special thing is to have been able to follow the band for so many years, to see them grow, and to hop along for such an amazing musical ride. I didn't see a proper MP show between 2002 and 2009 (due to geography and me becoming a father), but I have a hunch that I will keep going to MP shows until they or I call it a day.


        Finally got some statistics tallied up..a quick reply;

        30 gigs attended over the years 1997-2022. A whopping 174 different songs played! Song most often played is Walking on the Water (13), S.T.G. (12) and Hey Jane (11).

        My five favourite gigs in chronological order;

        Bergen 1998/10/14; first show as a fan, remember being slightly disappointed mostly because there were sooo many songs I wanted to hear. In retrospect, hearing the recording, there were moments of magic and they were just white hot in 1998.

        Bergen 1999/10/23; one of those magical nights, I remember the soundguy nearly wept after the gig because it was so good

        Tønsberg 2015/07/18; Demon Box gig, special atmosphere with a lot of pre-gig tension and near cancellation due to strong winds, but amazingly good gig especially for a retro type gig

        Blitz 2021/11/24-25; shouldn’t have to say much, the Blitz run was astoundingly good, atmosphere and sound were off the chart, already the stuff of legend,

        Song most anticipates: Radiance Freq. For the love of God, bring it back at least once!


          Gigs attended: 45 since 2006

          Location: mostly south east Norway, with some exceptions

          Different songs played: a lot!

          Most played song: KDH, Walking on the Water, No Evil, Sail On and STG (guessing from TraktorBass' post, looks like we attended many of the same gigs :lol: )

          Most anticipated songs: always Un chien and Hogwash, lately also Sunship and Through the Veil

          Specials (hard to narrow down!):

          – Roskilde 2008, out of this world gig in the middle of the night

          – Øya 2010, Timothy's Monster gig

          – Larvik gitarfestival 2014, amazing Hell jams with Reine

          – Teknisk Museum 2014, early HBM

          – Dansens Hus 2021, a spectacular experience

          – Sentrum Scene 2022, that Starhammer…


            Shows: 9 since 2006 (pretty sure I'm missing one or two here)

            Locations: Oslo (Øyafestivalen) 2006, Roskilde 2008, Bergen 2009, Nordfjordeid (Malakoff) 2009, Oslo (Øyafesitvalen) 2010, Oslo 2011, Bergen 2012, Bergen 2014, Fjaler 2021

            Number of songs: 84

            Most played: KDH and Alchemist

            Most anticipated song: Drug Thing, Flick of the Wrist and Wearing Yr Smell


            – Øya 2006. My first show, and they played Hey Jane, which was huge for 17 year old me.

            – Roskilde 2008. Best MP show I've seen, despite not my kind of setlist. I grabbed Bent's lyric sheet for Inside Looking Out, and it was written on the back of his plane ticket.

            – Øya 2010. Timothy's Monster live, fireworks and all. I remember I met a handful of you guys there, but most names escape me.

            – Bergen 2014. Monumental Hogwash and a very welcome Hyena.

            – Fjaler 2021. Special show in the middle of a forest. The material was a bit too new for my taste, but the whole thing was quite an experience.

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