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    Are the 2001 and 2010 LP version of Phanerothyme identical?. I've got the 2001 version (not completely sure), and I am looking for the 2010 version. Are there any difference at all? According to Discogs they looks similar, but the 2010 version miss the H.P signature in the matrix. Is this correct. Several of the Stickman pressings have almost invisible matrix numbers, so please check your version if you are completely sure you have a 2001 or 2010 version. Please post the matrix number (and year) of your version. If there are other and more visible differences, please post.


      I have the 2001 version, absolutely sure since I bought it at the release party in Trondheim and I've never bought the 2010 version. Matrix runout is hard to read, but seems to be:

      Side A: PSYCHOBABBLE 033 / INDIGO-0558-1 A2 B151587-01 A3

      Side B: PSYCHOBABBLE 033 B2 B151587-01 B3


        Got it as new release in 2001:

        Side A:

        B151587-01 A3

        Psychobabble 033 / Indigo – 0558 – 1 A2

        D m H.P.

        Side B:

        B151587-01 B3

        Psychobabble 033 / B2

        D m H.P.

        The "m" is less an "m" than some sinus curvy wavy thingy.


        2001 issue; bought upon release:

        B151587-01 A3 PSYCHOBABBLE 033 / INDIGO -0558-1 A2 DMM H.P

        B151587-01 B3 PSYCHOBABBLE 033 B2 DMM H.P


        Ok. Seems like I have two 2001 records then. What about the 2010 release? Anybody got the matrixes for the 2010 version?


        2010 edition?When,why,where did this rumour happen?


        Well, I'm trying to sort out if there is a 2010 repress, and if such a repress have differences to the 2001 first pressing. Discogs have two submissions of the record, the 2001 release and a 2010 repress. If all versions of Phanerothyme are identical, there should be just one submission of this record. Both submissions are in lack of images and information.


        There may be a second pressing,but not from 2010.Phanerothyme has never been re-issued on vinyl.

        Just my thougts.


        I suggest sending a mail to Stickman to sort it out. I bought my version just a few months ago from tha MP-homepage shop, and it has the same matrix as the rest mantioned here.


        OK. The 2001 and the 2010 version are merged on Discogs. When a record got an identical second run this should be mentioned in the notes only. There should be no additional submission when it's impossible to tell the difference. It seems that several Discogs members have discussed this issue and came to the conclusion that there were a second run some years ago, but it was identical to the 2001 version.

      Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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