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      I was talking to OtherFool and he mentioned that it would be cool to have a pregig meeting before the Øya-show. Have a beer etc., maybe kick off in the void..?

      Anyway, any suggestions for a bar not too far away from the festival grounds? Preferrably one that will allow 18 year olds, since OtherFool is a young padawan still :D

      You guys in?


        unfortunately i cannot join this, cause a trip from germany is not possible for me this time. but i wish all of you Øya-psychonauts a very great time.

        may the force be with you :wink:


          I´m going to Øya (the entire festival, actually)

          But on Saturday I´ll mostly be in the park because there´s a bunch of other bands besides MP that I want to see.

          Besides, if you´re 18 years old, the bartenders at Øya are more than happy to serve you beer :lol:


          hey guys

          italy’s present!

          i’ll be in norway and sweden the 2nd and 3rd week of august(with my girl), i got my tickets for timmy on saturday a month ago, i can’t wait…


          it would be nice to meet you some of you guys!


            Alternatively, we could just invade the chill out zone at the festival..



            Italy’s present en masse! We’re in 4 with the ticket for the entire festival, it would be very nice to meet some psychonaut before TM show!


            Hei. I’d love to join, but I will arrive at Oslo airpoirt at the day and at 6PM!!! Crazy I know, but…hope to see some of you there, if have a chance.


              Will be attending the whole festival. Haven’t been very active on this forum, but just saying.


              Hey! Been away for some time, anyways- good to see much is happening here online as well!

              As Traktorbass said- it would be awsome to have a gathering for the psychonauts that are interested. I’ve also got a full festival-pass, and yes, there are many shows I would not like to miss. Let’s figure out what the least important band of the evening is, before MP blows our minds. Doesn’t seem like much is happening befor Paul Weller at 17:30 (MP is at 21:00).. Can you feel guilty about having a beer at three when at a festival? I think not :wink:


                You should feel guilty if you haven’t had a beer yet by three o clock.


                I’m attending this concert. Timothy’s Monster is in my opinion Motorpsycho’s best album so I can’t wait :D.


                  So where do you non-Osloers staying? For affordable prices I only find hostels with dorms and reported flea bites on the internet… :x


                    @supernaut: I have no idea where I’m staying yet, but It’ll work out I’m sure. I’ve used Cochs Pensjonat before, its okay.

                    Anyway, lets just meet at the festival, okay?


                      Perhaps you’ll find a room at or you’ll try

                      Hotelrooms (incl. breakfast) are available from 120 CHF.


                        Less than a week away now! I’m giddy. Bring on the monster :)

                        If you want to meet up at the festival, call me at *bleep*.

                      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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