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      God what an emotional rollercoaster-ride these last few days have been! I got my ticket for Øya this spring and have looked forward to this since, but I didn’t get my planetickets in time.. So to cut a long story short, one week before the show I had no money and no planetickets, so it started to dawn on me that i might have to pass on the Monster and sell my tickets to the show. Gaaah.. Depression and selfloathing!!

      But then it turns out I have the most wonderful girlfriend in the world who secretly managed to get a hold on some money and some planetickets this morning, so I’m back in the game and can celebrate my 25th gig in the only proper way, at a MP gig (and no ordenary MP-gig either!)

      Looking forward to see you guys there, I’ll call you TraktorBass..


      Hi! We’re 4 italian friends with the tickets for the whole Festival. Unfortunately 2 of us cannot fly to Oslo because of working problems, therefore we have 2 tickets to sell at 200 euros (more or less 1600 nok). The tickets will be directly delivered by the 2 persons that will be in Oslo from next tuesday. If someone’s interested write me at or call me at +393402659370. Thank you in advance.

      Have a nice Festival! Bye!



      Can’t wait! I’ll probably stick around with TraktorBass, but in any case my number is +47 97523451. Let’s grab a couple of beers in the sun, discuss MP and get stoked about the gig together! :D

    Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994