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      Pulsator box. Another unique, limited edition, collaborating little thingy out there for any art-minded fellas with a little bit of money to spare. Prints look quite nice tho


      Looks interesting. Is the music available somewhere already? Or is there more info about it?


        The music is available with the film when you buy the box.

        See a presentation and a teaser here animathor.no


        I already ordered mine – shipping cost to Germany are brutal though !!!!

        The music is available with the film when you buy the box.

        See a presentation and a teaser here animathor.no

        Looking forward to it. It seems like a soft-pouring-like technique using stuff like silicon or coconut oil to create the cells in liquid acrylic.


        Yes David you’re right. I used acrylic pouring techniques for making parts of the movie. I used Liquitex pouring medium and mixed in the color with a small amount of silicone. This technique was used mostly for the first «organic» part. For the rest of the film I used other painting methods like brushes, rollers, stencils, collage etc. – shooting the process frame by frame. Afterwards the resulting clips were treated in AfterEffects to get a more fluid movement before they were layered in Final Cut. The fished film was afterwards handed over to Motorpsycho for making the soundtrack. The painting process is documented on a short «making of» included in box. You can see an extract of it in instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B79iRxBpr-m/?igshid=1aawmtuwgy60r


        Thanks Thor, looking great! I played a little bit with soft pouring (used here https://www.behance.net/gallery/76150493/DES-YEUX-artwork) but it's too random and messy for me, it requires skills I'm not ready to learn yet…

        Very much looking forward to receiving the box!


          Anyone got any idea when we can expect this thingy? Released in January 2020 according to Discogs (https://www.discogs.com/Thor-Sivertsen-Pulsator/release/14682956), but since it only appeared in the MP shop 3 weeks ago… :)


          Same, very curious about the whole package and the music made for it.


          Has anybody received the box yet?

          I even did not get any mail after ordering it, tried to contact via the webshop but do not get any answer …


            Bought it directly from Thor, some months ago.



            Copied from Motorpsychos Facebook site:

            Recently we’ve recieved an overwhelming number of orders and for that we are ever so grateful and humbeled. Thank you!

            This also means that shipping it all takes time. Especially for a tiny little webshop like ours. Thank you for your patience!

            Stay sane+safe.

            So I guess you who have ordered the box just have to wait.


            Thanks for the info – so I'll keep being patient …

            mister conclusion

              I have ordered the box on the 7th of June and got an order receipt via Email, no other confirmations. The box has arrived today in Germany. Looks beautiful. Haven't watched anything yet but the artwork (1 signed and numbered print, 1 picture in a cardboard frame and 1 little cut out from a print) looks nice.

              @TheVoid and others: Don't give up, you should get the box soon.


              Ordered on May 28, it finally arrived today in Brussels.

              Beautiful package, carefully crafted.

              Some pics of the prints I got :


              Haven't watched the movie yet but really cool to have the making-of as well. Nice stuff overall.

            Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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