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      @David, weird… I live in Ghent and still haven't received it…


      @nicoot a fellow psychonaut from Brussels, where I live too, received his box two weeks before me. I imagine they are shipping only a couple at a time.


        That's reassuring haha, okay thanks for the info. Maybe a nice Christmas present to myself then 8)


        Still nothing here in Germany (ordered May 28th) and no answering to several mails I wrote … boy, only thing keeping me calm is that I do not seem to be the only one still waiting. I do not have any problem with waiting, but a short lifesign would have been really nice.


          I got my box just a week ago or something, so keep the faith. :)

          (I live in Norway, btw).


          Keeping the faith helped … I received my box last Saturday. I really love the design and the art, but I think Motorpsycho's music only works in combination with the film and not standalone.


            Still nothing here… Keeping my ears warm with the amazing new album in the meantime…


              Ordered this one yesterday from the MP webshop.

              Will be waiting patiently by the mailbox :lol:


                Starting to kind of lose my patience here. Ordered this on May 28th ffs. How can I get in touch? Is motorpsycho at online dot no still active?


                  I actually received my box last week.

                  Unfortunately I think there's something wrong with the USB card. Tried putting it into

                  the memory card reader, but the USB just won't read, no matter what I try. So I haven't

                  been able to see/hear any of the content so far.

                  A damn shame, because the design/packaging is exquisite.


                  Hi Otherdemon. Sorry to hear that something is wrong with your usb-card. I can send you a replacement and/or mail you the files. I need your name/street address etc. + your mail. Send it to thor dot sivertsen at ntebb dot no and I will help you out.




                  Received my 'Pulsator' box last week, however the USB card only plays file #1 on my pc, with 'buffering' audio, & then stops completely around 2mins47.

                  Files #2-4 will not play at all, telling me that the files are 'invalid'.

                  The packaging is excellent, however at this very high cost I want everything to be playing properly!

                  I notice a similar problem with another Psychonaut above, so I will email Thor as he suggests, in the hope that he will send me another USB card (just tried to email Thor, and it's bounced back undelivered from the address given above?).

                  Mark Antro.


                  Hi. I’m very sorry to hear that you also have trouble with your usb-card. Of course everything should be working properly, Just send me your address via: thor dot sivertsen at ntebb dot no, and I will replace the card.



                    Dear mother of all creatures, it has arrived after almost 5 months 8)

                    Nice flat shoebox!

                  Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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                  …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994