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      Real cool if the name on the new record is Neigh. :mp:


        Probably a joke, after “Yay!”

        Frankie Howerd fans could probably elaborate further. (Anyone know what the hell I’m talking about? Probably not!)

        Just a thought, but the band played at this store last time they were in England. At least one staff member is a Motorpsycho fan (unless he has left), so they might have a copy or two knocking about.


          So how is the new song? Does Psycholab sound like a continuation of Yay, or is it back to MP hard-prog-psychedelia?


            @Krist – check your email :cheers:

            Krist Rampage



                A kind friend in the UK scored me a copy. Looking forward to receiving it, the layout and visuals look kind of cool.


                  I’m also interested if someone got a spare copy to sell to Norway :-)

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                  Punj Lizard

                    @Johnny – Let’s see if it is indeed on a new album Neigh!, as listed on the Small Boats cover. If not, email me at jyotipunj at hotmail dot com

                    [SPOILER ALERT]

                    – after a longish almost Hawkwind-like atmospheric intro it leaps into a solid driving psychedelic, motorik-like rhythm with psych Snah vocals and a mid-song instrumental section. 5 min 39 sec. It sounds like it could have fit on Yay! or any one of a half dozen other albums. I love it!

                    Aside from Psycholab, I listened to the first CD of Small Boats this morning. Not only a great choice of songs, but they flow excellently.


                      As it seems there will be no online availability tonight. So is there a way to get a hold on this anyway?


                        @ Punj_Lizard: I’ll send you a mail for a sneak preview in a few days. Have to finish an own demo recording first and do not want to risk Motorpsycho sneaking into the tune ;-). Bad enough the whole thing is almost a reworking of Genesis’ “The Knife” – though not nearly as cleverly written, clumsily played and with slightly different chords and rhythm. And German lyrics – that should deter anybody curious ;-)


                          You can order now on the Roughtrade website!
                          I ordered!


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                            Same with Spindizzy, which is in Ireland and has cheap shipping. They also have Yay! special edition on sale.
                            It’s a great record store.

                            Spindizzy sold out everything.

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                              Argh. Tried to order via Roughtrade, logged in right on time. I was able to put the album into my basket after a couple of minutes in line, but the card processing never went through (several errors of “unable to connect to gateway for this purchase” or whatever). Tried different cards as well. Only error messages. My last attempt at presing the “place order” button sent me back to the queue again (“your estimated wait time 13 minutes….). Oh well. Worse than concert tickets, this! :D


                                Worth checking across other UK independent record shops, as leftover RSD stock went onsale 8pm (local time).

                                Not Resident though, as I just got the last copy. :stg:

                                EDIT: Looks like Assai in Edinburgh will be offline until 9pm. Whoever has the fastest finger might have luck there in …31 minutes:


                                  At the moment it is still available on Roughtrade.

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