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      Does anyone recognize the song that is played in the middle of "Mountain" at the end of the DVD? I know that riff, but can't remember what it is…

      That would be Gold And Silver by Quicksilver Messenger Service:


      "Not that it makes any difference, but the cover photo seems to be a lot darker on the new release:

      Also I just finished watching the Vera recording. Quality was better than expected! When can we buy that red gnome from the webshop?"

      The original files are long gone so Kim Hiorthøy had to redesign the entire cover. Luckily the band had saved all the source material.


      And it's no wonder the reissue sounds better than the original. In addition to being a better quality pressing it's an earlier generation master. The original Strype mastering was done from a DAT tape while Deathprod's remaster was done straight from the original tapes.


        I agree with the "hearing it all anew" feeling! The mastering is stellar (I've only heard the CD so far, looking forward to the vinyl and cd3 and the dvd)! So many details I've never heard before! wow :MPD:

        Complaints: It's annoying that the tracks on the cover don't match the actual tracks on cd4. And on cd3, "Sister Confusion (confused version)" is called "Sister Confused (confused version)", which might be intentional, but more likely a typo? Sister Confusion has always been Sister Confusion, even the confused version, right?



        The original Strype mastering was done from a DAT tape while Deathprod's remaster was done straight from the original tapes.

        Is this for the CD or for the vinyl? And if it's for the CD, do you have any info about the differences in vinyl mastering as well?


        I think the same master was used for both vinyl and CD, but I'm not sure.


          About CD4: I love that emo shoegaze indiepopper version of The Golden Core, although I'm no fan at all of that genre. It shows you can do anything with an idea if it's basically great. Demon Box has a nice hypnotic endless rolling part which makes me not miss the middle noise section, surprisingly. Nice to have alternative versions to listen to depending on the mood. Beth made me crack up. There's "She said She said" mentioned on the cover, one of my favourite Beatles songs. Sadly no version here… has there ever been one?


          Good fun. It gets a bit straining after three or four songs (or I'm seriously getting old), so then Giftland/Blueberry Daydream come as quite a relief. Great jam there. That said, getting Giftland, Feedtime, Golden Core, Plan #1 and Demon Box in one show is quite a feat.


            Did everyone ordered their missing vinyls? :-)


            Ordered Black Hole/Blank Canvas and Roadwork vol. 2!

            Glad that I bought BHBC at a reasonable price. Their is a guy at Discogs who sells the vinyl for 139 euros… F*ck that!

            Does anyone know when they will sell the Toys single? They said I will be sold any of these days…


              @ Blashyrkh: It is not illegal to offer things for sale at insane prices. The problem as I see it is that people buy it, and that the money should go to the band….no I am not the seller.


              Does anybody know how much it costs to ship to germany?


                @mefisto, I know it's not illegal to sell at insane prices, but i hate it. These people just take advantage that certain vinyls are out of stock… So their is a high demand of that specific vinyl. The money must go indeed to the band members.

                @Ivan: I had to pay about 16 euro shipment costs to Belgium. I think Germany will be the same. Pretty expensive… So I recommend you order a couple of vinyls :D

                  Does anybody know how much it costs to ship to germany?

                  65 NOK, approx €7.50. But I guess it depends on how much you order.


                  Thanks guys :cheers:


                  it was 150 NOK shipping to México, but I ordered 5 vinyls and the deamon-box box, So i think it wasnt tooo much expensive.


                    @Emelic, I had to pay the same for 2 vinyls to Belgium :)

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