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      Bent was reported to have said during a talk in Rock City – Namsos – yesterday that Demon Box will be reissued this year on vinyl and cd. And also the two early EPs will be released on vinyl.

      So, I asked Snah about this after last nights release concert for Møster. He confirmed that process has started. Really good news indeed.

      And the Møster concert was just fantastic. Go see one of the concerts on the tour if you have the possibility.


      OMFG!!!!! unbelievable!!

      a dream comes true!


        Good news. So I'm guessing they reached an agreement with VOW, or they bought the right to those old releases? Either way, everyone's happy :D

        I'm seeing Møster Wednesday @ Blå. Saw them last year @ Victoria, and that was a pretty good gig.

        boomer former helm

          great news indeed :-)


          Very nice to hear! Thanks for sharing!


            OH NO! The value of my Demon Box LP will decrease!!!

            (just kidding)

            Great news indeed. Finally Mountain + Another Ugly gets the vinyl treatment they deserve.

            I guess bonus tracks would be to much to hope for?

            Looking forward to seeing Møster next week


              hell yeah. finally.


              Great news!!!


                Rumors has it that Demon Box will be released as a box. No pun intended….



                  @knoot, that would be awesome. But what's your source? :)


                    A Demon Box Box? Sounds awesome! :D


                    Confirmed here:

                    Vinyl re-issue of Demon Box this fall on Rune Grammofon.

                    The same sentence in also mentions a 5CD box, without obvious reference of that's about. How awesome would that be if it were Demon Box as well????? Even if we don't know yet, still fun to speculate on possible content:

                    Disc 1: Demon Box CD version

                    Disc 2: Into the Ugly Mountain (the EPs and singles)

                    Disc 3: The Ones that Got Away (outtakes)

                    Disc 4: All is Liveliness (Live at Roskilde) – horrible pun; waiting for better suggestions to come!

                    Disc 5: ??? More outtakes? An alternative DB like we got for TM? The other albums from the VOW years?


                      Great news, thx for the link, kippenhok! It does confirm a 5 CD reissue of Demon Box + vinyl re-release.

                      I really wonder what kind of unheard stuff will be on there. Maybe the stuff that was mentioned in the Blissard-book, although those were from the Soothe-sessions (electric Come On In & Now It's Time To Skate, early Plan #1 & Demon Box/Strange Days?) Some live-material with Deathprod would be essential too! :D

                      boomer former helm

                        yeah, great news!!


                          yay, feedtime!

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