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      Wee, just got an SMS from Posten that Rune Gram has sent me a parcel that will arrive at the local post office tomorrow. I'm guessing it's RW5 :lol:


        Ffbernie Stickman doesn't have a CD copy, just vynil & Digital Download. Rune has it if I remember correctly.

        By the way, Stickman told me that my copy will be sent tomorrow


          @Ercarnar : thanks but I dont see any ads for a cd release at Rune though.


            @ffbernie: The CD is only included with the LP. So you have to buy the LP if

            you want the CD…


              @otherdemon : thanks. Right anyone up for a vinyl copy without the cd just lemme know as i wont be needing the vinyl :-) x bernie


                Just picked it up at the local post office. I actually ordered the regular version with black vinyl which was a little cheaper. But I received the limited one with yellow vinyl instead :lol:

                Warning! SPOILERS AHEAD!

                Here's the vinyl tracklist:

                Side 1: Ship of Fools

                Side 2: Sleepwalking, Lacuna/Sunrise Pt 1

                Side 3: Lacuna/Sunrise Pt 2, Manmower

                Side 4: Köln, Un Chien D'espace Pt 1

                Side 5: Un Chien D'espace Pt 2

                Side 6: Taifun

                CD tracklist:

                CD1: Ship of Fools (14:53) Sleepwalking (2:03) Lacuna/Sunrise (24:26) Manmower (12:27)

                CD2: Köln (11:08) Un Chien D'espace (30:46) Taifun (16:59)

                So for me the CDs win this time because it has natural flow and uninterrupted performances.

                Let the speculation begin on which performances made the album!

                Sleepwalking/Lacuna must be Leipzig, plus Köln/Chien obviously is Köln.

                And I just found out that Manmower is from Sint-Niklaas, thanks to a partial Youtube-clip!

                Ship of Fools is impossible to know (23 performances that tour!), and I'm not sure about Taifun either…


                  Received mine today. Green RW3 and yellow RW5.

                  Roadwork 5 is mislabelled. Weirdly:

                  Side 1 – Labelled "Ship of Fools" – is actually "Ship of Fools"

                  Side 2 – Labelled "Sleepwalking/Lacuna pt.1" – is actually "Taifun"

                  Side 3 – Labelled "Lacuna pt 2 / Manmower" – is actually "Sleepwalking / Lacuna pt 1"

                  Side 4 РLabelled "K̦ln / Un'Chien d'Espace pt 1" Рis actually "Lacuna pt 2 / Manmower"

                  Side 5 РLabelled "Un'Chien d'Espace pt 2" Рis actually "K̦ln / Un'Chien d'Espace pt 1"

                  Side 6 – Labelled "Taifun" – is actually "Un'Chien d'Espace pt 2"

                  Anyone else?

                  Punj Lizard

                    @otherdemon and @TraktorBass – Thanks for the info – for the vinyl and CD track listing, for the track lengths and for a labelling issue we might run in to. I have just one question. Is it any good? :D :D But seriously – how does it sound?


                      @PunjLizard: I've just finished listening to it in its entirety.

                      And yes, it is pretty damn good!

                      They picked a good version of Ship Of Fools. Unfortunately, the sound is a bit shoddy on that one.

                      They've always had problems capturing that wall-of-sound on tape (I had the same complaint about The Alchemyst on RW4). But it's a good version of maybe my favorite track from The Tower.

                      Sleepwalking/Lacuna is also pretty good. A far-out jam in the middle (why does Conne Island in Leipzig always get these freakouts?), they also really nail the song-parts beautifully. Great version!

                      Manmower is out of this world! I had seen the 6 minute Sint-Niklaas excerpt on Youtube, and thought it was a very interesting, jazzy/atypical take on the song. Turns out the whole performance was beyond top-notch. And the coda/climax is bulls-eye! Probably my favorite on RW5.

                      Köln/Chien is of course fantastic, but since I already knew it from Spacebandit's recording, it wasn't a surprise. Still, it's great to have it in pristine audio quality. I personally think it surpasses the RW1 version, but I guess some will disagree…

                      I was a bit anxious to hear Taifun. The recordings I'd heard earlier (Trondheim, Köln and Livorno) were a bit too overlong to me. The one on RW5 is neither of those versions. I still think they extended it a bit too much, but it does contain a beautiful flugabone solo by K.Lo in the 2nd part. So a good version of one of my favorite Trust Us songs, but I have heard better earlier (Rockefeller 2001 with Jaga Jazzist comes to mind…)

                      Not a lot of singing on this record! The record is 1h 52 mins total, and I think 15-20 mins of it has vocals :lol: So if you think MP's biggest achilles-heel is vocals, then this record is for you! But you also have to have a high tolerance for jamming, because this record has a shitload of it (most high-quality though)

                      I will have to listen to it some more, but so far it's a very worthy installment in the Roadwork series :D


                      Ship of fools was great at Lyse netter

                      Punj Lizard

                        @ otherdemon – Thanks. Great review. I'm having trouble with my patience waiting for this and RW3.

                        Oh, and I agree, that 2001 Taifun is indeed something very special.


                          You sun it up nicely, otherdemon.

                          Does your version of RW5 also have wacky labels?


                            @TraktorBass: Unfortunately I don't have a record player present at the moment,

                            so I can't say yet.


                              I can confirm that my yellow RW5 has the same order issue as mentioned above. I suspect this might be the case with all 500 copies. Wonder if the same thing happened with the black vinyl pressing.


                              Yes! Wacky labels here as well (guessing the whole print), on top of a planned Garrard-print ala Demon Box. So Taifun (side f) is supposed to be on the flipside of Ship Of Fools (this is confirmed by Onkel Fuzzbass himself). So you got to be focused, hehe. Great release tho! Some magic moments here.

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