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      Well, Bent wasn't kidding about those live albums and archival releases…

      Re-issues of Vols 1 and 2, vol 3 now on double CD/Vinyl(?) and vol 5 is a triple album…. drool. Preorders probably in May


        :cheers: :MPD: :STG:

        And which version of K9 is it?

        Byscenen Dec.9 clocked it in at 41:56

        The dance show at Trøndelag teater Oct. 13 was one long canine space trip lasting about one hour.

        Any other candidates?


          Not really looking forward to having to turn over the vinyl after 20-ish minutes in the middle of the suite though… Or is there some kind of remedy to this?


            @nicot – don't you have a wife or something that you can train for such purposes?


              No wife… Haha, I mean I want to hear the suite in its entirety without interruption…

              It's like listening to Sleep's Dopesmoker on vinyl, why would one do such a thing?

              Krist Rampage

                Yes, buy the vinyl and play the album on Spotify if you don't want to turn over the vinyl. That what i'll probably do. I never have a problem with turning over vinyl, only with some live albums beceause of the flow. So for me Spotify is very convenient for situations like this. Other options is to buy two turntables (set it up like a DJ) and the album twice.

                Very very cool news! I was really looking forward to a new Roadworks (like always) and am very pleased that they release songs from the tour with Kristoffer Lo. Finally Tainfun?

                Since the Rune newsletter says about RW 1-3 that they are all double albums i guess they mean 2lps, so then RW5 should be triple vinyl/double cd.

                Also very pleased with RW3 on vinyl. I hope for everyone who doesn't own the Haircuts DVD that this does not suggest the dvd won't ever be reissued.



                  Haha. Yes – these first world problems :lol:

                  Luckily, from Rune there are always CD editions in addition.


                    The Stickman newsletter:

                    Motorpsycho represses… and something new?!

                    Working our way through the motorpsychodelic back catalog and bringing back out-of-press titles is a work in progress at the Stickman Ranch. This month we've brought back Trust Us, Let Them Eat Cake and The Death Defying Unicorn all on vinyl; next up is Little Lucid Moments, which will be repressed on pine green vinyl (expected sometime in April).

                    Motorpsycho – Trust Us (2LP – white vinyl)

                    Motorpsycho – Let Them Eat Cake (LP – pink vinyl)

                    Motorpsycho – The Death Defying Unicorn (2LP)

                    We're also excited to share with you another ongoing Motor-project: The Roadwork Series

                    Roadwork in an ongoing series of live recordings released on an irregular schedule, or as the band puts it, whenever "work deemed interesting enough by the band to merit release" is found. So far 4 Roadwork volumes have been released, one of which was previously only available on video as part of the "Haircuts" DVD.

                    However, with the wheels turning, Järmyr's addition to the band and a fantastic tour featuring Kristoffer Lo in the bag, it seemed proper time for not only a 5th Roadwork release, but also to revitalize the entire series!

                    COMING IN JUNE – VINYL-ONLY EDITIONS (incl. download)


                    Roadwork vol 1:

                    Heavy Metall iz a poze, hardt rock iz a laifschteil

                    Live in Europe 1998

                    (Released in 03/1999)


                    Roadwork vol 2:

                    The MotorSourceMassacre

                    Motorpsycho, the Source & Deathprod, live at Kongsberg Jazzfestival 1995

                    (Released in 11/2000)

                    Re-release, but on vinyl for the first time

                    Roadwork vol 3:

                    The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse

                    Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, November 23rd, 2002

                    (Originally released on video as part of the Haircuts DVD in 05/2008, newly mastered for vinyl)

                    Still available on CD, vinyl back in stock soon

                    Roadwork vol 4:

                    intrepid skronk

                    (Released in 04/2011)

                    Brand new / previously unreleased

                    Roadwork vol 5:

                    Field notes, Europe 2017: The Fantastic Expedition of Järmyr, Ryan, Sæther & Lo

                    (Previously unreleased)


                    Great news! Really looking forward to hearing roadworks vol 3 on vinyl, I experience nirvana each time i listen to that Hogwash-version.


                      Yeah, great news!

                      As for which version of K9: The Köln one also clocked in at 42 mins, so my bet is on

                      that one. I'm also hoping one of those 20 minute Lacuna/Sunrise versions make it onto

                      RW 5 (like Roncade or Leipzig)

                      As for the rest of the content, it's anyone's guess. I'm hoping for Manmower, Critical Mass, Stained Glass and TGC. Normally I'd hope for Taifun too, but I thought that one was a bit overlong on that tour. A few of the better songs from The Tower wouldn't hurt either.

                      EDIT: They released Stained Glass on RW3, so it probably won't make it. But the versions on last year's tour were stunning!


                        Hmmm… I am not that satisfied… I can barely listen to Roadwork 1 and 2…

                        Just doesnt work for me Live when youre not at the Concert… Roadwork 3 is quite Okay… I like Hogwash version very much… Roadwork 4 is the same like 1 and 2… Most of the Songs dont Rock me live in a Cd Version… I would rather Prefer another Studio Album… But everybody like he wants to… :STG:

                        Punj Lizard

                          Great news. Really great news. However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for CD and/or download versions of III and V.


                            @otherdemon – Ah, yes, missed that one – it was hiding under an alias. A worthy contender – let's see if Andrew Schepps mixes better sound than Spacebandit :D

                            And @mybestfriend – a new studio album is on the horizon early next year according to the Bent himself.


                              Sweet! Just what I hoped for! What other songs from the recent tours would you like to hear on Vol. 5?

                              Krist Rampage

                                Agree with Simaen about the RW3 Hogwash version. Absolutely stunning.

                                For RW5 i hope for Manmower too. A 20 minute Lacuna would be amazing too. Feels like this is going to be a special one again.

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