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      So all the Rune editions are solid colored except for Vol 3 which is transparent? Anyone come across a solid green vol 3?


        This is how it is supposed to be, yes.


          And: Yay, the forum is back :MPD:


          As I am a little bit disappointed that Stickman only released the vinyl only versions (+ download code): is there anybody willing to sell me the CD versions of RW III and RW V ???

          I´m mouch more a CD collector than a vinyl fan and although I bought the Stickman releases, I would really love to have the CD versions two as I own the other RW-CD´s, too).


            I agree with PunjLizard, RW3 is awesome. Watched it a few times on Haircuts but having it on my Player for mobile listening is awesome!!! Hogwash.. yes… since I saw it first time live it is one of my favourites. Anyway RW5…. Ship Of Fools works for me better on the Album than Live. All the other Tracks are awesome!!!

            Does anybody know, from wich Concerts the Tracks are taken? I mean, Lacuna and Un Chien is clear, but the rest I don't know.

            Does anybody know, from wich Concerts the Tracks are taken? I mean, Lacuna and Un Chien is clear, but the rest I don't know.

            I also would like to know…


              @TheVoid The CDs included with the Rune Grammofon vinyls isn't much to write home about. This is what they look like: XV3b9AK.jpg

              No proper artwork/cover/sleeve. Just a very plain CD.


                Damn! this one must have the smallest logo-print ever! :lol:


                  At least there is a print on the CD this time. I have a large stack of CDs from Rune with no print whatsoever. I have to put them in the CD player to find out what it is.


                  Ah, thank you Rolf. Well, better than just a download, but you're right: nothing worth to be collected. In this case, self-burned CD's and selfmade covers will do the job…

                  Still I must say that I don`t like this Vinyl/Download policy, as I think this will push "non-physical music reception" and repress sound recordings in the end, because I think the vinyl movement is only gonna last for a few years until the "Retro Generation" vanishes more and more…

                  mister conclusion


                    I have got a totally different opinion. For me, CDs (and I own hundreds of them) nowadays are nothing more than a very very old medium to store data. I mean, really, they were invented in the eighties of the last century! You can store the same data, and this means exactly the same data, on hard discs that can store the largest music collections and that are affordable for everybody, can be integrated in networks or copied to mobile devices and really make listening to music very comfortable. Why print the data on some old-fashioned pieces of plastic? What exactly is "physical" on CDs? It is just data. This data can be downloaded easily. And what is so beautiful about these little CD covers stuffed in some plastic case?

                    On vinyl on the other side you get an analog signal "physically" printed on a piece of, erm, vinyl. This analog signal is physically read by a record player, sent to the amplifier and analogously sent to the speakers which play the analog signal, the music, to your ears. And never on this way the signal has been converted to digital data. And back. Even if I don't know if the result really sounds so much better this way, there is an undisputable asthetical beauty in this process. Not to mention the beauty of the vinyls and vinyl covers that bands like Motorpsycho provide.

                    You can buy pretty good record players for a pretty small amount of money, by the way.

                    And if you still want your CDs you can burn them yourself which does not cost a fortune. Apart from the fact that CDs do not last forever. My old Manmower CD EP is not readable anymore and also the self burned discs have suffered in all these years. If that happens, the music is lost. If you store music on a hard disk you just have to think of making backups regularly.

                    Punj Lizard

                      I tend to agree with Mr Conclusion on this matter. I have loads of CDs but I hardly ever play them. Why? Because I have the same music on hard disk which is hooked up to my amplifier and sounds just the same. And I hate (have always hated) the pakcaging. I never get the covers out and spend hours reading the lyrics or whatever is printed on them like I used to with vinyl LPs (unless they're special boxsets). But as I got rid of all my vinyl when I moved countries, I don't have a record player either. However, I am now the proud owner of three vinyl albums: En Konsert, RW3 and RW5. I don't play them but I have already spent a good amount of time enjoying the packaging.


                      @mister conclusion

                      didn´t mean to start this somehow off-topic discussion, but as it´s already on it´s way:

                      from a technical point of view you are surley right. But you also brought in "aesthetics" as a keyword: when CD´s took over in the late 80ies I sold all my vinyls and started collecting CD´s. I own more than 1000 today, all displayed in shelves behind glass in a special "music room" at my home. In this room I still have a "Dual"-record player, but only a few Vinyl LP´s in comparison to my CD collection.

                      And yes, I really find beauty in the packing of these little discs and still spend as much time in studying and exploring the cover art and lyric sheets as I did with the vinyls decades before. And I will always rather take the little 12x12cm cover/cardboard box/lyric sheet or whatever in my hand and study it "haptically" in my hands than look at a picture on my monitor (same effect I experience with photographs: all those photos stored on harddiscs are forgotten – but the old photoalbums with printed photos glued to cardboard pages – these are the ones me and even my children do watch again and again) … and this is what I meant with the term "physically" – to be able to take it in my own hands, to be able to turn it back and forth … to physically touch and feel it. Of course with vinyl albums this surely is more fun, but believe me, it is possible with CD´s, too – especially when somebody really put effort in designing it in a beatiful way (take "black hole / blank canvas"-CD and of course all those wonderful Motorpsycho-CD-Boxsets as an example).

                      This is just my personal view of things – I do not want to go back to vinyl, but I even can not make friendship with pure datafiles only … so the Vinyl/CD-combination was a good compromise in the past. The Vinyl/Download-combo is not …


                        @TheVoid; totally agree with you on this topic. I enjoy beautiful cd covers and boxes. Since I purchased the box versions of the first MP albums I now double up on the original ep's ( extra material in the boxes) but they are so dear to me, just holding something like the mountain ep in my hands and looking at it makes me feel so happy, these carton&plastic objects are to me a lot more than data-storage of music, they've been with me through fases of my life and mean a lot!

                        Also, MP packaging is usualy Artwork! ( the great Kim Hiorthoy)

                        mister conclusion

                          Ok, maybe this discussion is a little bit off topic and we should better talk here about how incredibly great RW5 is. I really love this new release.

                          On the other hand MPs vinyl release policy has always and will continue to be controversial.

                          TheVoid, I just think you are wrong when you say that "the vinyl movement is only gonna last for a few years". I am pretty sure that CDs will die out over time due to better data storage possibilities, while analog media will last much longer. Well, time will tell.

                          Then again back in the old days I also started listening to MP on CDs, and yes, Demon Box, The Mountain CD, The Other Ugly CD, Timothy, these little silver things definitely changed my life. Ah, the memories. So I do get your point. If you just download music there surely is something missing. And I am sure your CD collection is an impressive sight and a real treasure.

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