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      Seems the fall 2008 tour spawned some amazing shows (much more so than 2009 for example). The setlists are great at least and Bielefeld from that tour must rank among the best they ever played…


      "Skonk" might be a misspelling of the slang term "skronk", which is used affectionately to describe noisy, rocking, somewhat lo-fi music.

      Oh & yeah, that WATT-show was amazing. Also: the loudest show I've ever heard them play, my trouserlegs were flapping! The sound remained clear as a bell however, never abrasive or shrill.

      Grtz, T

      Krist Rampage

        So, what songs should be on it? Any suggestions? The first songs from the Kenneth era tours that pop into my mind are Heartattack Mac, All is Loneliness and Sunship.


          The 20 min version of "Arnie H" from Leipzig 2010 would be fantastic to have on RW4. Also a juicy version of "Cornucopia", complete with "The other one"-jam would be great. I would also love to have that powerhouse version of "High time > Sparks > Psychnonaut" from Berlin 2008 (or any other "High time > Sparks" couple). I would also enjoy a version of the "LLM" suite, or maybe just an extended jam on "Hallucifuge". Oh god, there are too many songs and moments that warrant an official release!

          Vegard B. Havdal

            I thought this was about the Molde thing; isn't it?

              The 20 min version of "Arnie H" from Leipzig 2010 would be fantastic to have on RW4.

              oh yes. that version is massive. followed by that just as brilliant Year Zero rendition. "that was fun". and Mad Sun. that was a great show. including the spitting thing.


                |I thought this was about the Molde thing; isn't it?

                Now that you mentioned it, I'm pretty sure I have read that they would release the Molde-gig with Ståle Storløkken and Trondheim Jazzorkester.

                Don't know if this will be Roadwork 4 though.


                  RW4 is supposed to feature "Kenneth-era" live recordings: source

                  And the new studio album which will be recorded in May will be a collaboration with Storløkken inspired by their previous project at Molde: source

                  boomer former helm

                    oh yes alex, the "arne h" version from leipzig would be just great. i also would like to hear "the ocean in her eye" which they played on the 2008 tour, or some material from haarlem 2009 which was a great and spaced out show too. man, there so much great material, i am excited…


                      I hope they include the Un Chien d'Espace version they played at De Effenaar, Eindhoven May 23rd 2010.

                      That was intense!


                      Setlist that night:


                      Mountain (Snah on keys)





                      Un Chien d’Espace (Snah keys, Bent moog)

                      Cornucopia (feat. The other one?)


                      Gullible’s Travails


                      Arnie Hassle

                      A Shrug and A Fistful



                      Come on In


                        Yes, of course, "Un chien", I was thinking the same (and the "Un chien > Timothy's monster" combo from Groningen 27.05.2010 comes to mind in particular)! However, this being only the second proper live album by the band (i.e. available on audio CD and including regular MP songs / performances) I don't dare to hope for its inclusion because it would be considered quite repetitive. Since we definitely want to hear the different versions of "Un chien"s in pristine official sound quality that warrants just one conclusion: We need FLAC downloads of multiple shows, or even entire tours! :-)


                          so it´s "Intrepid Skronk" not skonk, which makes more sense. I´m hoping for lots of skronk, and some classics, and oh, the wheel@øya wouldn´t hurt either.

                          boomer former helm

                            the un chien version from cologne last year was brilliant too, maybe my favourite version ever of that song. btw. mountain was great in cologne too, and starhammer…


                              Another fact that was revealed in the Adressa-interview: RW4 is mixed by Bent and ex-Dipsomaniacs member Thomas Henriksen.

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