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    @tvdr: too bad my first comment was not posted “cuase it was a good one and due to this faillure i could not post again with same satisfaction i did the first time so i said…shit!! Don’t take it personal unless you feel like one i denote in the category of mental retardation like TB for example,

    he reminds me of someone i’d rather avoid contact with like most mp fans show laughable sillyness he’d tried to be funny too apperantely cause he feels like getting nowhere.

    Offcourse i have my theorie ’bout mp and their songs, so what, anyone else does have their thoughts about the songs and i respect that, i’m not comming at ya when you tell me your own thoughts ’cause i can be reasonable person too and i understand that, fact is that i enjoi the fight in here and out there too only because it makes me feel good, i love fights.

    Now ’bout the fact yall might not believe me, thas another story and you just do what you believe is right but it does not make me change my mind and im not here to change your mind i just say what i say and when thas done you could bring shit to the table and we’ll see what’s right or not.Real fun to see peeps get angry ’bout what i say….most peeps tell me to do this or do that and say they rahter avoid me but still they read my comments, kinda strange isn’t it?, if you ask me those peeps just love to read my posts but get angry when they discover the truth because thas not what they want to hear,all they want to hear is stuff that keeps them ignorant and dumb thas why they pack together cause alone they wouldn’t stand strong for one sec.

    I agree the fact that mp has their way of treating their fans.But please don’t ever tell me mp holds steady course and are immune to fans influence, i’ll say thats their weak spot man,the fans mean everything to them thas why they keep doing those silly things like new lp release and space opera and stuff, they count on their fans and their demands.Now that i hit the subject core here i would like to ask all their fans what the hell happend after trust us? That was true evidence of motorpsycho getting influenced by fans who changed their course due to the fact that they are peeps who would love to do that for another….you try to find musicians who would do the same, i say most musicians are to caught up with themslefs or the money or the fame or whatever so there is motorpsycho at their honest.The rest is history 3 albums full of admiration and love for those who felt it and who where there at the same time.

    So whas up with that shit ’bout i talk shit and this and that..i tried to be as honest as i can thas why i got the long breath and yes life is a bitch for me but you don’t hear me complain bout the fights everyday, the cops busting in my house looking for shit, the shit i go trough everyday would amaze you.I have to prove myself everyday again and again here on the south side of rotterdam.

    So forget that me being a silly mp fan, i would not ever touch or go wild on mp, no man i’d rather blow doubles in all the faces of cowards who for no reason talk shit to me…thas just tooooooooo much for me.

    enjoi mp music, i’d rather stick with hip-hop.


    OH MAN!

    Why can’t you just let it go?? I can definately see that you love these little fights, but don’t just act like an insulted little child all the time.. and stop feeling so sorry for yourself. It’s just the internet

    :| :wink:


    What’s eating Mark de Klerk? this guy rants even more than me!




    Thank you for your eloquent response. Although my views differ from yours, I can see where’re you’re coming from (and I don’t mean just me living in R’dam North and you from R’dam South.)

    To paraphrase somebody (which is just a posh way of saying “I kinda remember this, but I’ll put my own spin on it): “I may not agree with what you’re saying, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

    Tonight I’m going to DJ at Tuinfeest in Elektra, SLD; be sure I’m going to play some hip-hop AND Motorpsycho, whilst remembering this.




    TvdR – JP Sartre NEVER said that, that was a quote from one of the first biographies written about him, a feeble attempt to summarize his philosophy.

    Bet you didn’t know that, but now you know.



    (no more espresso for me, thanks)


    @magnus: youre one of those mono minders, right? The amount of brains you carry (or don’t carry) around must be the reason for your poor retaliation and yeah i feel sorry for myself, you are right, i feel sorry to hang out with peeps i’d rather not hang out with and to do things i’d rather not do, to coninually hold clowns down and shit like that.Yeah you are right, maybe i react like a little kid , please tell my mother when you see here and ask for me why she left 27 years ago and never came back.You ask why i can’t let go, i say i don’t know, hatred is like a magnet, i get attracted and can’t let it go after a while i start loving it.LISTEN MAGNUS,or whoever you are, if you had to go through all the bullshit i had to go through i’d respect you and never tell you what to do or where to go, i’d figured by that time you’d must have a mountain of experiences yesterday that guided you today and i would feel pitty for you if shit happend to you like shit happend to me, i don’t say you deserve the shit i’d go through but i’m just here to remind you to the fact that my reactions are real, i really feel like this and, do i hate to feel lost in violence and have to prove myself on these corners everyday, i’d wished i would have a fair chance in life so i can change into who i really am and not into someone everybody loves to see go wild’n.

    Sounds stupid huh? Well i feel really stupid too, i should know better, so yeaaaahhhh you’re right, but you missed the point i tried to explain and thas my view about the songs of motorpsycho, a view thas entirely different then yours and others.I ask you: can you understand my point of view or do you, like loads of others, ignore the facts i try to explain.


    @ stalemate: My mother uses this phrase a lot, never knew the origin of it, not even that it was attributed to or had something to do with Sartre!

    Thanks for clearing that up, always good to learn new stuff.



    np: MP with Deathprod live in august 2008 “Demon Box” HELL yeah!


    @mark: I’m not someone or another or this or that. If you feel like talking about your own life and MP, do so without calling other people stupid all the time. Oh, and don’t take stuff here so seriously. As I said, it’s just the internet.


      there’s an ignore feature.


        And it works just fine.


          It escapes me how a seemingly intelligent adult can be such a childish moron. Grow up man!

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