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      Fair enough. Simple ID cards may not be the greatest evil in the world. I like your joke about them being OK as long as you don't inject them, but, funnily (or unfunnily) enough, that looks to be exactly what is intended in due course. I know. It sounds nuts, doesn't it?

      Unless I'm mistaken, you don't need your ID card in order to buy food in Germany? And you don't need to have received one, two, three and counting new experimental vaccines in order to qualify for a pass that enables you to live?

      On the subject of politicians, I definitely don't put them all in the same category. Certainly, many go in with the very noblest of aims. Although some of those become corrupted, many continue to do good work all through their careers. My point concerns those who are able to get near to serious power. If you don't sing from the hymn sheet, it won't be you.

      I sort of see the relevance of the Daevid Allen quote. Surely, though, the thing is to be pragmatic and get things done, while not compromising your ideals, otherwise, aren't you on the slippery slope?

      I might as well tell you I saw the magickal Daevid Allen play what must have been one of his last gigs at the King Arthur in Glastonbury as part of Magick Brothers with Mark Robson and a violinist whose name escapes me. We had no idea he was not long for this world, but it was a very special gig, and seemed to have an air of poignancy about it even at the time. I love the Sacred Geometry stuff too. As I'm very fond of Mark, let me just recommend his album, 'In Search of a Simple Life'. Daevid Allen plays beautiful, transcendent glissando guitar on the track, 'Fluoro Buffalo'.


        German online music mag released a series of interviews with various musicians and concert organisers about the ongoing pandemic and its impact on them.

        Bent was interviewed as well (given the same questions as everyone else) and you can read the original German result here but I translated it for you, as well: It looks like there wont be any concerts this year as well. Do you still have stamina for it all or are you contemplating a job change?

        BENT: Its hard, but its still manageable. Our setup allowed us some public grants, so we arent in crisis mode yet. We decided early on to stay focused: after we completed the new record last summer, we just stayed in our practice room and continued writing and recording. We dont know what will happen with that, but it gives you a purpose and helps you not to go crazy. CTS Eventim contemplated the option to tie concert going to vaccinating. The German Ethics Council declined giving any privileges to vaccinated people. How do you stand on the topic?

        BENT: I think vaccination certificates are reasonable, so I would not have any problem with such a regulation. Conspiracy theories are on an all-time high. Despite polls showing that a majority of the populace supports goverment measures, support for mandatory masks, vaccination efforts and hard lockdown rules are dwindling. Are opinions divided among your friends too?

        BENT: Not really. We are so incredibly annoyed by all this Trump- and Alt right-bullshit already, that we reject any new conspiracy theories by default. What did you learn from this break in history*? Did you change as a person?

        BENT: I dont know yet. But we all saw how fragile our modern civilization is. I also know now that I can live longer with my family in a small space than I thought. But then again, I didnt have a choice anyway.

        * they used the word "Zäsur" here which is a bit hard to translate. It means break, but I think its not widely used in English, at least not in the same way.


        That's some solid questioning and deep thinking right there. You either fully support all of the government's policies or you're a conspiracy theorist. There's no gray area. No debate whether a "hard lockdown" is the right answer to the pandemic, no consideration of the debate among scientists regarding that topic. Well I guess if you can do your little media job from home you've got no sympathy for all the people that are going bankrupt right now because they had to close their business and the government in Germany does not support them enough during the lockdown. Much respect!


          thx for posting!

          "zäsur" in english… it might be something like "paradigm shift", I guess… something happens which changes everything, and the perception and handling of "what is" has to adapt to new circumstances.

          Punj Lizard

            @ Hans Boller – I should think there has been an awful lot of debate among scientists but that it gets watered down to whatever the politicians decide and media interpret and what they both think the general public can understand or process as well as what the politicians think is the most effective but also easiest way of keeping the public under control.

            In the UK the government's handling has been disastrous (vaccine programme aside) but the incumbent government still manages to maintain a healthy lead in the polls because they've managed to undermine anyone who questions them by saying we should all be pulling in one direction and supporting the government at a time of emergency. Consequently both the media and the opposition have virtually stopped challenging the government or trying to hold them to account for their dreadful handling and corrupt handing out of contracts to friends, donors and relatives.


            @punj: I'm not too familiar with the situation in the UK, but your assessment of BoJo's handling of the crisis does not really surprise me.

            I'm simply fed up with the part of the German media who sort any criticism of the government under the category "far-right drivel". It's not as simple as that.

            the conscience

              BENT: I think vaccination certificates are reasonable, so I would not have any problem with such a regulation.

              The good news is: Bent was probably too busy making music to dig deeper into the pandemic bullshit, especially about vaccines that were declared as emergency, approved in record-breaking telescopic procedures, and the potential implications for vaccination certificates.

              The bad news is: Bent was probably too busy making music to to dig deeper into the pandemic bullshit, especially about vaccines that were declared as emergency, approved in record-breaking telescopic procedures and the possible implications for vaccination certificates.

              I would now be interested to know what effects this has on a German psychonaut who is currently in the process of finishing a book and sending it to the publishers by combining the best stories from “Romaniac's Monster” and the more current ones from “Radio Romaniac”


              @conscience: I don't believe that being afraid of the pandemic is "bullshit", if that is what you mean. Not wanting to be harmed by covid seems quite reasonable to me. However, I also think it's pretty questionable to demand everybody get the vaccines right now, as they're literally still being tested.

              Also, why should we accept more rights for the vaccinated as soon as everybody can get a vaccine shot? Those having already been vaccinated cannot be harmed by those refusing to get their dose. Everybody refusing to get vaccinated are of the opinion that the vaccine might be more dangerous to them than covid and I don't see anything wrong with that.

              Punj Lizard

                One could almost say nobody talks anymore, the public discourse is gone, it's ugly like never before, and binary thinking has won. :wink:


                  World wide numbers:

                  No. of Covid-19 cases: 117.754.621 – No. of deaths: 2.612.289

                  No. of vaccines: 181.161.945 – No. of confirmed deaths from vaccines: 0


                  Claiming that "the vaccine might be more dangerous to them than covid" is just plain rubbish.

                  Case closed.


                    it's really simple:

                    it's not about me

                    it's not about you

                    it's about us

                    so shut up

                    wear masks

                    wash hands

                    maintain distance

                    get vaccinated asap

                    by following those simple steps in an adult manner we'd never have had to go into lockdown. but maybe it's too simple, some people want things to be complicated and themselves to feel smarter than the rest, therefore conspiracy theories and non-acceptance of simple truths. in deep winter we wear scarfs and gloves without crying out for personal freedom.


                    Case anything but closed; there is zero information about long term effects of the vaccine.

                    the conscience

                      @ Hans. No. Bullshit means Bullshit in every direction.

                      @ Punj. You (and MP) are right. Look at the following comment(s)



                        Bent's answer was one answer to one question at one point in time and you make a whole case around it?



                          so what's your proposal?

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