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      This is a fascinating thread. I read forward for the first three pages. Now, I realize I need to read it backward. I have a few initial comments.

      One, I def think this is a fine thread for the forum. If you don't wanna read it, then don't. No prob.

      Two, I think Bent was just expressing honesty. What's wrong with that? He's probably frustrated about his life being disrupted by COVID. As for the Trump and alt-right part, well, more honesty. I am sure he's not being literal in his statement. Just listen to the lyrics of records since Trump was elected. He's engaged. Frankly, I am shocked to hear people who have probably followed Bent for decades be dismissive of his thinking so quickly. That is fucked up!

      Three, a shout out to the horseshoe crabs. Here in the New World, June 24 is Horseshoe Crab Appreciation Day.


        OK, follow up on my post from an hour ago. I tried reading backward, and that was worse. This whole thread makes no sense. It is not a good idea for this community to tear itself apart. It's Hogwash.

        I tried to make sense of anyone's argument, and I really can't do it. The bottom line is that the human being is now engaged in the world's first

        clinical trial on this scale. We will learn a lot from this experiment. I suppose one could make the interesting point that in this trial, people are allowed to choose the placebo.

        If someone referenced an actual peer-reviewed paper in this ten-page thread, please let me know. I am not interested in opinion pieces.

        So far, the scientific community appears to be doing an excellent job of sorting this out. It takes time for the process. If you have chosen the vaccination route, good for you. If you have chosen the non-vaccination route, good for you. Together, we will discover the answer.

      Viewing 2 posts - 286 through 287 (of 287 total)
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