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      At 13 – it’s a magazine

      Next to the pony-queen in the rain

      At 14 – it’s a daydream

      It’s a book that you read on the train

      At 15 – it’s a lazerbeam

      It cuts to the core of your soul

      At 16 – it’s a favourite scheme

      The prize & revard for the bold

      And if ,while breaking your heart

      You pry it apart, you’ll find

      That what was good for you then

      Is good for you now

      But your mind will tell you

      It’s too late

      You missed it and that’s your fate…

      At 17 – it’s not what it seems

      A much stronger force than you thought

      At 18 – you run out of steam

      And wonder why you even fought

      At 19 -………………………………………..

      It all seems like a dream

      All right, autumn is around the corner, heavy rain and dark clouds all over. 577 is just about right for this kind of atmosphere. That bass groove will cure all kinds of depression, send you into an ecstatic trance, hypnotized and dragged along for the ride.

      But what the hell is it about? I know there have been discussion on this topic before, but new forums, new times. Don’t know, don’t care.

      I guess it’s about being a teenager? About discovering love? Getting your heart ripped out and stepped on, and coping with it? Could be about that passion you get for anything and everything when you’re young? It’s a bit obscure, cryptic.


        it’s about sex.


        Poor TB, has it been an un-summer summer? Maybe you should migrate. In Australia spring is around the corner :-)

        I love 577. It is a perennial favorite. I know exactly what he’s talking about, I just can’t explain it. Hmm, I know–thanks for joining the discussion…

        It conveys a kaleidoscope of feelings that are not necessarily limited strictly to adolescence. The opening sounds like lungs breathing, the bass like a heart beating, it’s like growing pains set to music.


          on a sidenote, it DOES feature the bass sound of god of thunder the almighty.

          but what’s 577 anyway? anyone ever cleared that one up?


          On one level, the song might be about how people abandon what’s good for them when they grow older, and the mind assumes the dominant position instead of the heart. When you grow older, you kill the child in you.

          .577 is a cartridge, so maybe it tells you something about what the person, just turned 19 and already stopped fighting, is about to do.


            @Vedius: That’s interesting information! And it fits, I like that interpretation.


            The .577 Tyrannosaur or .577 T-rex is a type of cartridge developed by A-Square in 1993 for the hunting of large game in Africa.

            Reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson in The Proud Highway. He wrote about his fear of mistaking maturity for conformity, losing his youthful vigor and rebellious attitude as he grew older, ending up like so many of his peers with a 9-5 job.. Of course, he never did, but he shot himself too, as you probably know.


              Haha, the old 577 discussion. I remember that one from g-35, you should’ve seen some of the weird-ass theories people came up with there. Example: Turn 577 upside-down and you get LLS. That could mean something like “Long Live Satan” or “Lars Lien Sucks” :mrgreen:

              And some years ago, Snah revealed in an interview what the song was about. It’s about becoming 19 years old, and the way to getting there. 5+7+7=19 obv.

              And I agree, great song. Personal top 10 favorite of mine.


              I agree with supernaut here. Although it is in my view a ‘coming of age’-song, I think the more base instincts are played at most here.

              What magazine comes between ‘pony queen’ and ‘rain’? If sorted alphabetically, the closest thing is ‘porn(o)’.

              On the Hunter S. Thompson reference made by TraktorBass: his last wish was granted and after the cremation, they loaded his ashes into an old cannon he had on his property and shot them over a field. See:




                otherdemon wrote:

                That could mean something like “Long Live Satan” or “Lars Lien Sucks”

                :lol: great.


                  Well, I’m not going to go in to detail here, because I’m off to work.

                  But 577 is about (if you have to define it.. I don’t think you should..), it’s about YOUTH. And not being a youth anymore. Remembering youth.

                  Btw, these lyrics is another example of Bent Sæther being one of the most overlooked lyricist in norway. I’ve rambled on about it before but I’ll do it again. His lyrics are overshadowed by their music (to the general public), so it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

                  Great King Rat

                    Agreed, Captain, Bent’s a great lyricist and many examples could be cited, and yep, I also understand it as a review of feelings in different stages of adolescence.

                    But apart from the words: what a fantastic song! I love the way it starts: kinda gently with the duett to give you an idea of the pace, before this massive, dominating groove hits you. I love Bent’s singing, too. It’s so full of sadness, longing, pain, nostalgia, you hear he’s got the weight of the world on his soul. Yet, the best part imo is after that way-out-jam when all three of them come together once more for the last verse, and Snah goes: “Seventeen…” Ahhh, what a finish! It’s almost like the last chapter of a long book, like the ending of a well-told story.

                    There are actually quite a few songs by MP that give me the feeling of listening to a story…

                    But back to the (child of the) future now!


                      Indeed! Bent is a lyrical genious. I turned on a girlfriend of mine to MP, and she fell in love with Bent based only on his lyrics.

                      Anyway. Perhaps it could be linked to a decline of passion to some extent. You know….when you were younger, you’d stay up all night before the release of a movie, a cd or a book/magazine, all doped up on the expectations. As for later years, this childish passion takes a backseat for the seriousness of life itself. One simply can’t give that much of oneself anymore (“’ve run out of steam…”).

                      Luckily, the only vinyl release of COTF shows that the majority of us nauts still have that passion :)

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