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      All right, June! Blue skies, sunny weather, beer and green green grass. Good times. Yet No Evil is about bad times?

      I’m not going to write much about the song here, but rather encourage discussion.

      No Evil, it seems, is about turning your back when something bad happens. Out of sight, out of mind?


        “i’m never quite as brilliant as i am when i am dumb”

        I see this as ignorance on purpose. It’s kinda tricky to nail, because it feels as if Bent switches positions from verse to verse. He takes a numb position to deal with the annoyances around him, then he clearly won’t be led to anything he wouldn’t want to.

        Or does he simply personify the dumbass to uncover the braindead? Similar to Kill Devil Hills, but this time dropping the neutral 3rd person’s view?


        Ignorance on purpose, yeah. I sort of feel it’s a comment on wilful passivity and just resigning to your surroundings evem though you KNOW how fucked they really are. Pretending that there is no problem, i.e. no solution, in stead of rising above it and take action. We all know people like that, and most have it in them. The “fuck it, I might as well give up before i start something i don’t know if i’ll finish” attitude. I honestly think this is one of Bent’s better lyrics. It points at something very specific in human nature, yet doesn’t condemn it. Not abstract poetry at all, more like a poetic statement of fact. After the, IMHO, very weak “Love Cult” album i had really given up on them, just really SICK of the low-energy, introverted mumbo-jumbo the were releasing at the time, it was really thrilling to hear them return with such ferocity and edge. One of my definitive favourites on BH/BC.


        No evol.Not a bad song but definitely not my fav not to mention Oya’s intro on this song.Three wise monkeys together they embody the proverbial principle to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. The song isn’t that inaccessible much more a straight foward and honest song with a warning to one who doesn’t want be involved with the situation.Not much metaphors in these lyrics, plane and simple, this song i.m.o proves the authors involvement with the situation i mentioned earlier and his point of view.To me it’s about a really tough situation where one barely has the will to fight back and faces major resistance in his enviroment where people rahter see one leave then come.It is always difficult to understand the author because everyone has a different opinion/interpretation, nothing wrong with that.What kind of emotion hides behind this song? Was is the stange experience the author had with someone? Does the song stands on itself or is it written in the tail of other songs like My best friend, Year zero, LLM, un chien déspace etc…

        It is kind of weird and strange to see the authors storyboard and to see the author writing about someones life.Is it the authors struggle about knowledge and does the knowledge find its roots in fear.What has the author to do with his knowledge, should he keep it to himself or tell the world? I guess that is as close as i can come.


        After i gave this one another thought i came up with another conclusion: i did and still do a lot of reading including lyrics of songs and most of the times those lyrics are inaccessible because the author doesn’t want to be very clear about the subject, he doesn’t want the whole world to know what he really means with his lyrics, he’d be more like : see what you make of it and when its silly enough maybe i crack a smile for it beacuse i don’t really care what you make out of it.I have numerous examples of those song types and everyone ones one of these particular inaccessible type of lyrics.Most of the times an author writes a song just to get rid of something what’s on his mind and he doesn’t care that much about other peoples interpretations.Sometimes lyrics are just wide open for everyone to see and the subject is eazy to get hold of and the intention of his message was for everyone to understand it.What is the case here with no evol? Is it written just because the author had to get rid of something that was on his mind or does he want the whole world to understand and get the clue here? Personally i think these lyrics are quite eazy to understand and don’t need a lot of rethinking what the subject is about.If you read the lyrics in a literal sense, word for word; not as an idiom or metaphor it isn’t that hard to understand the message behind these words.You either get it right away or totally get the picture wrong there.Fact is that the author might deny the true meaning of his words just because he’d rahter see someone else do the job at least that’s what i am beginning to think here and thats why i said that mp is more like a religion to me; you either believe it or not but the message stays clear.


          you’re not making any sense.

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