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      One of the most played songs for sure, the bass riff at the start always manages to get 20 people infront of the stage to jump in sync and piss the rest of us off.

      But what’s it about? Jesus? Could be. Could be too obvious. I’m not at all sure. If so, Bent sure is pissed off about Jesus. Or about him being a fictional character.



        You managed to misspell “You lied”, and pretty badly too ;)

        Besides, cool song, and for me, it’s about Jesus, Christianity, bigotry, that kinda thing.

        Great King Rat

          Excellent call again, Traktor! Great song and live a feast!

          To me it’s about Jesus or Bent’s relationship with him, and I understand it in a very straight-forward way, almost too obvious: he’s very disappointed with him because he let him down. He hoped to find sth in Jesus, or faith, which he didn’t.

          Yet, I’d like to believe it’s meant this way because there are other instances of Bent’s very personal and direct way of approachig this topic. There’s My best friend, as Jadi mentioned, which warmly and longingly looks back at a time where their relationship was intact. And there’s of course Kill some day which imo leaves one with a short but vivid impression of Bent’s constant consideration and reflection on this topic. Of course he adresses God in Kil some day and not Jesus, but I guess that doesn’t matter, it’s the same family… Btw, maybe in those days things were still fine with Jesus because Bent seems to be in doubt with God but rather feel compassionate for Jesus… Oh, we’ll never know!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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