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      September, woop! I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats teeth grinding, nail biting, awaiting the newest edition of Song of the Month, right guys? Right!?

      Anywho, Plan #1! What a song. What an epic. My love affair with the moustachepsychos started with this song, basically. And I’m not alone about that, I suspect.

      One of the more cryptic and dark tunes, much thanks to Matt Burt. But what is it about? A friend of mine always said it’s about a girl that was raped, and we hear the killers thoughts. He hates/loves her like he hates himself. But I dunno, that’s not very Bent, is it?

      At any rate, the constellation Bent + Matt Burt is incredible. Plan #1 and True Middle both have this really unsettling atmosphere. Bring Matt back, Bent!

      The song:

      PLAN # 1

      Queen bitch,slut child

      I know you so well

      you gave it all away,sister-

      you gave it all away

      but I know your eyes……..

      you’re just like me


      naked and abused

      I’ve seen you all before

      cos you gave it all away

      you raped your own pride…..

      you put too much slack on your live wire

      saw too many thrills that killed your desire

      too many nights that paled your complexion

      and made you a «nigger» in their conception of life

      ….just like me

      you’re just like me

      see that creep

      couldn’t you just smash his face?

      still don’t understand

      what he’s doing in this place

      I know I didn’t

      when I was him

      when I was him….

      you’re just like me.

      Matt Burts lyric:

      Dog’s Heart — Plan Number One

      He held her down.

      Zero is the center of the universe.

      Purple alfalfa vetch

      Small pubescent hairs, sloughed off.

      How can a man be a man when he can’t what he can?

      Wheel of life, rock of Sisaphis

      The Open body of a woman

      At the climax of organism there is a shudder – mostly felt in

      the stomach – almost identical, but less intense than shudder

      experienced at the moment of death.

      Party til she’s cute a young man’s t-shirt reads

      Infinity likewise is a verb

      Small stones begin to rise and float on the water.

      What strange snake is this that can be sick with fever

      Are not snakes cold blooded creatures?

      Like a crowbar in the vagina, ripping to pry loose the pelvis

      Thus are structure and form now wed

      In a small cottage, just outside of town

      a dark and narrow gravel lane

      so overgrown the leaves

      touch a passing car with smoke

      Death the life giver

      Death the life taker

      Death the advisor

      Damned are those who think they have befriended death

      Death knows nothing of these struggles

      Unthinking shadow

      Worthy opponent

      Challenger of the left

      A man stands in a doorway of a room in a small white cottage

      He stalks himself using death

      Much like a wolf stalks the caraboo

      He stands himself, watching himself, waiting for himself

      The meadowlark’s call – makes you feel uneasy

      The unrelenting march of sleep

      Veterans of subconscious deprivation


        I like how the snare drum sound on this on. And it was a killer live.

        Apart from that, a solid MP classic (and I still don’t care a bit for lyrics, sorry).


        pedantic note: It’s the rock of Sisyphus (greek mythologic character, who for punishment was obliged to roll a rock up a hill into eternity, since the rock rolled off the mountain again every time he nearly reached the top).




        It’s not some lurid true crime confessional. It’s more a reflection on the frailties, insecurities and pain behind what at first glance may seem like self-destructive or reckless tendencies. Recognizing the self-destructive and deluded behaviour in others, knowing what’s underneath the masks, the fronts, by having identified it in one’s self.

        Well, either that or it should have been released under its original title, namely “The Ballad of Courtney Love”…

        np Hole Live Through This, damn I love this record!


          @TvdR: copy/paste from the lyrics section :)

          @Little Lucid Me: I like that theory, and the alternative song title :P Care to expand on the interpretation? :)


          @TraktorBass: Then Bent got it wrong. No really. It could also be the literal english translation of the name in Norwegian. Check out Ummagumma by The Floyd for another use of the name.

          This is just me being pedantic, again. My interpretation of the song is somewhat different, but that will come later.




          Sure! Oh and I think there’s a nod to Patti Smith in Plan #1, too; I forgot to mention that. The “n-word,” remember what Patti sang, “Baby was a black sheep. Baby was a whore. You know she got big. Well, she’s gonna get bigger. Baby got a hand; got a finger on the trigger. Baby, baby, baby is a rock-and-roll nigger. Outside of society, that’s where I want to be. Outside of society, they’re waitin’ for me.”

          When not expressed by, say, a sociopath, obviously a lot of ‘acting out’ behaviour is more a cry for help or at least a cry for attention. Those who are drawn to the behaviour are often seeking vicarious thrills or a voyeuristic kick, and quick to be judgmental and self-righteous. Which doesn’t come through in the song; “you’re just like me” seems more knowingly compassionate than condescendingly critical.

          “see that creep, couldn’t you just smash his face? still don’t understand what he’s doing in this place. I know I didn’t when I was him.”

          Great King Rat

            Great choice, TraktorBass! I’m completely with you here, what a song! Quite happy with the previous songs of the month, too. You picked the classics. Except for No Evil though, which doesn’t do it for me. I’m much more into the stuff they released in the ’90s, pretty much everything from the pre-cake-era is far better than the later stuff. But that’s just my insignificant personal opinion, although I believe there are a few others who share it… :-)

            As for the lyrics – I’m not a big fan of intensive interpreting, although I can see the fun of it. Yet, for me it’s kinda futile because you’ll never know for sure what the author had in mind. Therefore, I prefer to leave the cryptic passages alone and let them hover, oscillate, and change. Concerning the raped-girl-reading: that goes a bit far, I reckon. Bent’s words seem to indicate some sort of action on the girl’s side (“you gave it all away”, “you put too much slack…”) rather than depicting her as a victim. Matt’s words on the other hand could be understood in the way mentioned above…

            One more thing I’d like to point out about the song… I don’t have any musical background whatsoever so I’m not sure if I’ll use the right expressions… Anyway: during the first verse the music’s quite low/quiet/slow and just when Bent hits the first line of the chorus (“You’re just like meeeeee”) the music erupts. However, the second verse is longer so when the musical part of the verse (again quiet) has actually finished, Bent hasn’t finished the words: the music erupts with “… conception of liiiiiife” and the “You’re just like me”-part is sort of attached. When listening to it, I always get the impression as if Bent cramed too many words into this verse…. Hm, don’t know if this makes any sense to you… It’s just an observation… Btw, I really love this part. It somehow adds a touch of urgency to the song…


              I think it’s about prostitution…

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