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    I'm a die hard fun like most of you, but I have to admit that SLWE is "poor" of interesting tracks.

    1 poppy cover song (august),a 12 years old neglected jam (ratcatcher) rebuilt in an even more confusing way, afterglow: LTEC style song resurrected from 1997 (although not sure about it)…we finish with another (quite brillant) pop tune (barelycorn) and 3 classic hard rock riffs combined to have HELL…not so much hu considering that we are used to have collections of milestones in betwen the same album…

    I don't want to be judged as the "old time nostalgic fan", I've loved the brillant HMF as the ambicius TDDU…as most of the other recent material…I just have the feeling that this time they were a little bit down with inspiration or maybe they simply were in hurry to put out something to justify a new tour releasing what they thought to have more or less "ready". From this point of view even COTF was more a consistent NEW album compared to SLWE.

    I hope to hear soon some of the other 30 new rocking songs they are working to :-)



    "Motorpsycho" are not "Tool"…(fortunately, though I've got a real sympathy also for some things about tool).

    It's only an example, because motorpsycho haven't got an industry that lives only for one album for every five years(and powers inside media that sail inside that music, ecc ecc ecc), and when it borns there is a devastant clamor about itself.

    For example last 1 minut and half of "Hell part 1-3", in my honest opinion, are the essence of MP, an horizont about things that they'll be, different, distorced, in live session.

    MP are enough free(enough because there isn't nothing purely free, but guys always work for intellectual freedom that, in final time is them music), it's a love cult(also when real "It's a love cult don't convince me".

    It's not only a love cult…it's more, very, very more(inside my heart…surely a different heart than your, fortunately nature created us different).

    When there is one minut and half that it can appear superflous in mp music, I, already, enjoy, because I'm already thinking about the date of next live concet.

    Have fun! (and sorry for my english and sorry because borns an iaculatio only when album is in my hands, before every hear, and barleycorn is superlative, and I love two guitars, and Kenneth Kapstad is my preferite "Neanderthal" drummer, because he is not only fast, and Bent is not only loud, but SNAHISREALLYGODDDDDD!).


      I have to agree with Riccardo on this one. Disclaimer: I have my LP right here, but haven't been able to play it yet as my 15 month old son can't let it spin without touching…so my judgment is based solely on Youtube clips. Nevertheless, while I enjoy it, as I do pretty much all Motorpsycho releases (the horrible autotune vocals on Roadwork IV notwithstanding), it feels like it's low on substance and high on Motorpsycho sound this time. I agree 100% with the characterizations of the indivudal tunes:

      Hell pt 1-3: cool enough riffs, but the type of stoner-ish heavy metal that has dominated over indie rock in the Kenneth era…stuff they can do in their sleep by now, and unfortunately this time it sounds a bit like that's what they do…

      August: Cool song (love the original), decent cover…but a cover nevertheless.

      Barleycorn: Love it! Best song on the album by far.

      Ratcatcher: Need some more quality time with this, but this was the sound of Motorpsycho losing their way into jazz hell with BÃ¥rd on keys back in 2002, and I'm not sure if it's that much better rebuilt as a Dead-style wait-and-see-if-anything-happens jam…may have to revise my thoughts on this one though.

      Afterglow: Kind of meh…

      All in all I think this is the weakest album since IALC. I loved BHBC, thought LLM was underdeveloped, loved COTF, thought HMF was good but not as great as it was cracked up to be (low on good songs, slightly overproduced, but had some fabulous moments), LOVED TDDU (best thing since Trust Us), so it's right on track with a somewhat under-par record this time. I am not pessimistic though, but very curious to hear the other stuff they recorded since I think this record is split between "songs" (Barleycorn, Afterglow) and "jams" (Hell, Ratcatcher). Gimme more songs next time.


      @Un.chien.d.espace – Small world! Hi Steven! I hope you kept that picture, I think it's my favourite of all the drawings I've done for customers (although my recent one of Dave Grohl riding a camel through the desert went down well)!

      @Tomcat – They didn't press nearly enough of that Malkmus LP, and besides even if I could get you one and was allowed to save things for people I wouldn't because it would open the floodgates and suddenly everybody would want a favour! Hope you find one but to be honest your best bet is discogs at this point…there's copies of the slightly less rare US press going for less than £50 which under the circumstances is probably as fair as you'll get.


        hi, sure, still have it! ;-)


          Opinions on MP's recent releases seem to differ, like always.

          Here are my two cents:

          COTF: Great!

          HMF: Good!

          TDDU: Zzzzzz

          SLWE: Happy feeling, really like this after too much unicorn noodling :wink:

          See you on tour in Germany and Holland! :MPD:


            Album finally arrived. Fuck the Dutch postal service.


            just finishing my first full play-back of the album. i have a vinyl copy.

            and, as a first for me, i find it very hard to enjoy this new mp. i struggle to listen to the whole album in one go. and it's not even 50 minutes long!

            the problem for me lies in the production. it doesn't sound right.

            i never experienced anything like this with any album before. it doesn't plainly suck like a low fidelity recording, but it certainly isn't right. it's like some of the frequencies are not seperated properly, creating a mess of competing sounds. sure way to get a headache fast!

            there are audience recordings out there that offer more enjoyable sound than this.

            sorry for the harsh words – just sharing my opinion.


              That's funny, I don't have that at all. I've had the CD since the day it came out and have been listening to it at home, on headphones, in the car, etc. Have not noticed bad/weird sound. Will check the vinyl tonight.

                I'm a die hard fun like most of you



                  CD sounds good. Haven't checked the vinyl yet. But I'd still have the drums a bit louder and crispier. An issue for me since LLM.

                  The album starts to grow on me. The songs feel less focused as others so it demands more listening. Doesn't really make sense though since the more sprawling TDDU had me from note one. But maybe that one had more attention to focus and detail despite of its overall madness.


                    oh yes someone please fix the topic's title. :-)


                    Ok, when you're coming from a heavily spinning new Nick Cave record to Still Life you recognize how different the emphasis on vocals can be… But it's a great record! Ratcatcher = Cornucopia? Whirlwind drum&bass under crazy going guitars. But it's a great song! Death Defying Unicorn production ten times better but it's got its charme. Kenneth got trademark playing slowly although toms sound like carton boxes… But it's great. Great record!


                      Do the vinyl comes with a cd copy or "mp3-code"?



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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994