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    Hej Psychonauts! Here comes the setlist and raport from the Stockholm gig yesterday night. It has been a fantastic concert, very much straight ahead and hard rockin. There has been only between 120-150 people. I hav not been on a Motorpsycho show since 1998 with such little attandence. On the otherhand it gave a great opportunity to be in intimate touch with the band and enjoy the sound. And the sound was great. Very loud but in great ballance. I had the feeling that many people were more interested in drinking beer, clapping out of tune and begging for attantion by screaming in the most unpleasant times. The band fully ignored that and focused on their music. To see the wordless comunication between the band, specially during the spacier parts is pure pleasure. It was very interesting to see Kenneth nailing a drunken guy with his look, when he started to fumble on Bents micro stand, while still drumming his ass off (there are of course different ways to react…check out this one!

    Anyway here comes the setlist:

    1. Year Zero

    2. Ocean in her eyes (at least thatis what I believe since it was played in a higher tempo)

    3. Sail on

    4. Whole lotta Diana (with long Blues jam)

    5. Ozzy lot

    6. Cornucopia

    7. Ã…berwagner (10 minutes heavy rockin version!)

    8. Greener (maybe The waiting game as an intro?)

    9. Bedroom eyes (by now a bit boring and by far not as good as in Oslo

    10. Watersound

    11. Kill devil hills

    12. The alchemist

    13. Upstairs/ Downstairs

    14. Taifun (Absolut highlight!)

    15. All is loneliness

    Please let me know if there is anything to add. By the way I do not remember them playing Greener! Anyway enjoy the shows and see you in Cologne next week.

    Greetings Kumar


      Thanks, very interesting setlist! Tour debuts of “Ocean in her eye” (last time played in 2002, or?) and “Ãœberwagner” (last time 2003?). Ending looks great too. I am looking forward to hear the COTF stuff, that long jam inside “Diana” sounds tasty! :-)


        Ocean in Her Eye and Ãœberwagner :D

        Oh, 20th Anniversary Tour, why are you so good? I love you.


        Aaah yes, what an a-m-a-z-i-n-g show it was. I was very taken by Kenneth’s drumming, the man’s an ace and has a cool stage presence too. They did indeed play Greener, it was quite early in the set.

        And yeah, there were a few dicks in the crowd, I had to deal with the bastard who kept on yanking on Bents mikestand. I however clapped perfectly in time and kept the screaming to after songs! :wink:


          ha I’ve seen Henry stopping a stagediver on stage once. Told the band to stop playing and started to ask the guy why he fancies jumping into people’s faces. Quite awkward and embarrassing for the guy.

          Anyway, great setlist. Ocean, wow, never heard that one live before.


          A very positive review, in a large swedish newspaper, of the Stockholm gig. Sorry no time for a translation.


            I believe Greener was played prior to Bedroom Eyes. And yes, it was The Ocean In Her Eye, played at about twice the speed.

            They seem to have removed the review from DN. Weird.


              Nope sorry my bad; the review is still there.


              wow i would love to experience “Ocean” live. is the faster version any good?


              Ocean was cool, they played it in about the same tempo as Walking on the water/You lied. As a cool bonus Bent started it by playing the bass intro to Cygnus X-1 by Rush. (Thanks T. for the info!)


                also i think they walked out after taifun, making loneliness the only encore.

                translated DN review:

                After an hour and a half Motorpsycho play “The Alchemyst”, closing track on last year’s album, “Little lucid moments.” It’s both quantity-wise and volume-wise the climax of a concert that contains enough peaks to fill a mountain range.

                The album, with a total running time of nearly an hour, is a masterpiece of the genre which Motorpsycho themselves helped to define: indie-psychedelia. Despite almost an hour of playtime the disc contains only four tracks. It allows for excursions into areas that would otherwise only be approached by a few loosely assembled groups in Canada. But unlike them Motorpsycho is almost incessantly alarming, and with an energy that sometimes becomes hypnotic, with guitarist Hans Magnus Ryan as a cross between Jimmy Page and Kevin Shields. But the group also has a more poporienterad side that is embodied in this year’s album, “Child of the Future” (which, in order to avoid unnecessary commercial success only appeared on white vinyl). This sounds more like Teenage Fanclub on speed.

                Between these two levels, but with many tracks from the past, the group moves in a sparsely populated Debaser Medis. It is always charged, but the group is best when it takes time, rubs on a riff until it almost falls apart and opens up against as something else. At its best, it feels as if the trio runs on the spot while hovering just above the ground: trance rock of high tempo. That is impressive of a group that is celebrating its 20th anniversary. And leaving the stage with an audience that continues to sing along to the Moondog cover “All is loneliness” for several minutes until the curtains are drawn.


                  A few pics from that evening:


                  Yes, my Flickr account is almost two years behind, but I'm doing my second best to catch up with reality/today. That's still way beyond the horizon, though…


                  Ah, sorry!


                  to be specific.


                    So not a single song from Heavy Metal Fruit? Remarkable..

                    I think I heard the fast version of Ocean in Haarlem 2009 (?) Was a bit dissapointing I remember. Otherwise, looks like a great setlist. Looking forward to 15 october!


                      This was pre-HMF.


                        oops, silly me. thought it was summer&fall 2011. Damn!

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