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      Motorpsycho will be there.. :mrgreen:


        Yep, they will. NRK1 22:20 next Monday. Free tickets available here:

        I’m guessing it will be an interview plus a song or two like they did back in 2002.

        Obviously reserved my ticket :mrgreen:


          The program will be broadcast on TV Monday 23 Nov and Saturday 28 Nov. It will also be online the day after the first broadcast (don’t know if it’s restricted to Norwegian IP-adresses only, though)


            Hopefully it’s a stream that can be ripped, just in case…


              Got back from the studio now. Nice and funny interview with all of them, plus two live versions of Cornucopia. The second one was probably the best, and most likely the one they’ll air tonight.


              funny interview and perfect sound on Cornu


              Why didn’t Anne Lindmo (the host) mention Heavy Metal Fruit at all? Great chance to get a word or two on the new album.

              Ok interview, and a funny story about the worst place they’ve ever spent the night on tour (Reperbahn).


                The show is already online:

                Clip/interview starts at 20:00 approx, Cornucopia at approx 29:30.


                    Ok interview, Snah looked a bit uncomfortable

                    I was a bit disapointed by the choice of song, one of the weakest from coft imo (and the singing was way out of tune), and also, I was really hoping that they would premiere something from HMF.

                    But can´t really complain, it´s not everyday we get a chance to see MP on television these days.


                    Snah seemed a bit out of place, but he delivered one of the best “one-liners” in the interview – regretfully omitted from the final edit – about the “fleinsoppspillet” Flowers. This was probably omitted due to the fact that the segment about the video gamle Flowers were omitted from the program.

                    Snah have never been the one to speak up in interviews – when i interviewed them for Panorama it was Bent and Gebhardt who spoke most. But who really want to talk with reporters anyhow – must be much more fun to play music? :D

                    Bent was in a good mood and Kenneth seemed amused by the host Lindmo – he kept smiling for himself the entire time. When they prepared for the song, Bent wanted to do a “rock” opening with him and Snah standing on each side of Kenneths drum rise in classic metal pose. But Snah denied with a smile, even though he went into a “artsy” version of the stand later.. :)

                    I love ‘copia so i was happy to hear it live in studio. It’s not the best sound cos it’s made for TV, but they played with force and lots of volume, so it still felt nice from where i was sitting. When i watched the show on TV, it felt a little out of tune like Elvin wrote, but at the time it felt right…

                    All in all i was happy – the best band in the land on TV. :D

                      All in all i was happy – the best band in the land on TV. [:D]

                      yeah, me too.

                      I guess I was just getting myself too fired up before and when it came on I felt a bit cheated, like “what, thats all?” (even thoug I know very well that all bnads that play these tv show only play one soong, and they only have a couple o minutes for the interview.)

                      It´s hard being a fanboy :oops:

                      Vegard B. Havdal

                        Hm, it was about the PS3-game Flower or something? :) Great, unusual game. Why were they talking about games?

                          Hm, it was about the PS3-game Flower or something? Great, unusual game. Why were they talking about games?

                          Because right before they came on stage for the interview, the audience were shown a clip on the Flowers game where they interviewed the creators. Lindmo then asked them what they thought of the clip, and then Bent said: “We agreed that it looked like a fleinsopp-game”. Snah also referenced the fleinsopp-game later in the interview, but that comment was cut.

                          Anyway, the weird thing is that the vocals sounded much better in the studio. I actually suspected use of auto-tune until I heard the TV-version where Bent & Snah were back to themselves vocally :lol:


                            Sometimes I don’t understand people. To me, Snah doesn’t look uncomfortable at all in the interview, Cornucopia is a fantastic song, and here it’s played and sung brilliantly with panache.

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