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    Last summer I was fortuned enough to spend a few weeks in the vicinity of one of my favourite blues guitarists from the US during a tour through Holland.

    At that point she (!) had never heard of Motorpsycho before so I made an end to that right then and there, as a connoisseur of good music she really appreciated some of the songs I let her hear on my mp3 player.

    Next month she will attend some shows in Holland and I would like to give her a ‘Introduction Best of’ triple cd.

    Something like ‘A Young People’s Guide to Motorpsycho’.

    Any suggestions?


      i think you will get (enter here number of pforum memebers) different answers. just try it yourself, i think you can’t make something wrong! :wink:


      I agree. I actually did the same thing myself a couple of weeks ago (introduced a female friend to MP). I gave her Timothy, Blissard and Trust Us. :-)


      You should start by dropping the emphasis on she (!)

      Nothing says “condescending jackass” to a female musician quite like that :-)

      Then put together a comp with flick of the wrist, vortex surfer, lighthouse girl, 577, the wheel, mantrick muffin stomp, superstooge, flesharrower, in the family, coventry boy, the golden core, mad sun, junior, sterling says, greener, a handful of tussler tunes for the heck of it, and as a big juicy maraschino cherry on top something from LLM, year zero? she left on the sunship?

      All ladypsychonaut tested & approved :MPD:


      @Little Lucid Me: I just made that playlist for myself in iTunes now, not a bad compilation at all! But it is still interesting to note how my list would be completely different. This is why I love Motorpsycho :lol:


      @ Little Lucid Me

      First of all, thanks for the great suggestions!

      I would change Un Chien d’Espace for Flesharrower and add some LTEC tracks (which I think is a very good album)

      Concerning the cd’s, I asked a good friend to make it for me.

      I have only got 3 MP cd’s and the rest of my MP collection is on vinyl.

      No usb-turntable here.

      He mentioned that it’s better to make it a 2cd which is a wise decision.

      Next to that, I’m quit capable to make a good compilation but I like to read the input from fellow Psychonauts and Psychonettes :wink:

      The (!) was not meant as a condescension at all(!)

      I put it there to emphasise the fact that most men immediately think of a male as I mention the words “favourite blues-guitarist”.

      It was a spur of the moment thing and as you proved it can come over all wrong :oops:.

      Ever since I started to play the guitar I found out that there are enough female guitar-players who make my head spin because of their awesome technique and control over the instrument.

      Memphis Minnie, Bonnie Raitt, Sue Folie, Ana Popovic, Jennifer Batten, Orianthi, Desiree Basset, and Laura Chavez (the receiver of the MP cd’s) to name some old and new talent.

      (And a few years ago Jeff Beck had a incredible female bassist: Tal Wilkenfield, and his new bassist is Rhonda Smith)

      I was brought up with 2 sisters who whooped my ass if I would have talked down to women.


      Emancipated Jackass



      Women rule!


      “Emancipated jackass” — that’s awesome. Can I borrow it for a song title? :lol:

      Hey are you going to bring Ms Chavez to Amsterdam, Grunn or Eindhoven? Of alle drie, dat kan ook!

      And you’re right–no LTEC in the list. I will tell you why; it’s nothing against that record per se. Aside from the Tussler sampler suggestion and the LLM finish those are the songs on a couple of beat-up cassette tapes in my collection. I used to make myself Motorcompilations to bring on my travels. Forget the spacesuit, I needed the motors!

      Come on, OtherFool, don’t be shy–what’s your comp list?


        Here’s my suggestion:

        Start off slow by beginning with; Bedroom Eyes -> Hey Jane -> Wearing Yr Smell (By now she may think of MP as stricktly a Pop’ish band. Now blast her brains out with; Nothing to say -> Mantrick Muffin Stomp -> Demon Box (by this point she’s aware of their diversity, and to further that notion, give her some of that ol’ jazz vibes) -> Bombay Brassiere -> The Otherness -> Tristano (and the country vibe) -> Cassie (Call on Me) -> Hogwash (The Tussler) -> Shitbox Ford (Then some more pop stuff) -> The Other Fool – Landslide -> Serpentine (ny this point she’s already mindblown by their skills, diversity and overall craftsmanship, but you’ve got a few more tricks up your sleve) -> The Golden Core -> LLM Suite -> Gullible’s Travails (Now she’s probably wet between her legs, and so it’ll be a blast telling her that this is just the tip of the iceberg :)

        Ps; This was sort of my wish list, if i were the one to be introduced to MP. But if it’s so that you have a limited number of records to choose from, then why not just make a dream play list for her on Spotify?


        Another great list GBD!

        I was thinking the same thing, creating a build up to shock, awe & conquer but that wet part you mentioned didn’t come to mind 8O

        Well, I am pretty seasoned when it comes to making mix-tapes, it would be a no-brainer but these darn things won’t fit in her iPod.

        I tried Spotify for a while but before I knew it the trial days where over so that’s not gonna work.

        The cd making is now in the capable hands of our fellow Psychonaut TvdR.

        @ little Lucid Me

        I was thinking of asking her to join us but she have to play at the time of the Paradiso and Effenaar gigs.

        Groningen is to far away for me, I don’t have a drivers license so I always have to depend on the good deeds of my friends who I’m always grateful for that!


          Hehe just my kinky way of saying that she’ll be blown away! :)


          Yeah, I will be making yet another MP-compilation for an uninitiated, unsuspecting victim.

          Thinking about it made me realise I am going to have to do a triple treat anyway. The first two from the albums, the third from the EP’s, promo’s and live-stuff.

          No idea yet about songs and tension-arc. I know I want to start with “Feel” though, but that’s about it. Oh, and I’m going to include “I Believe” from Paradiso april 2002, to show her they can play blues too.

          This may all change when I’m compiling…



          P.S. @little lucid me: Good to hear from you, I thought you were mad at us! :-) And I can attest to the fact that mr. Crackpot Idea has no “male chauvinist pig” bone anywhere in his entire body!


          Crackpot, oh that’s too bad. Groningen does have a train station, though :-)

          TvdR, you are too funny; now what on earth would I have to be mad about?!

          I haven’t been purposely avoiding ya!

          Oh yeah, I think the EPs are wonderful compilation sources.

          I wouldn’t try to orchestrate a purposeful tension-arc, going from the sweet & acoustic to the fuzzed out & hollering or trying to corral the various styles–that’s too obvious. It’s a mix tape, baby, so mix it up!


            Man that is such an impossible list to make, I just cant cut it down..

            PS I wish I had a girl that got wet from Gullibles Travails, but then Id have to choose between Bents smooth sweet groovy bass and her tight snatch. Another impossible choice.


              Why not combine them? Now that’s hot! :)

              (Ok The kinky stuff ends here)

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