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      Rune Grammofon now has a page for Supersonic Scientists:

      Pre-orders are not opened yet, and no tracklist yet. But apparently the 2LP version comes as both a normal and a limited edition! I'm glad I picked up some extra shifts at work this month, hehe :-)

      Any info on what makes the limited edition special?


        The ltd. editions from Rune Grammofon usually are a different colour – often white.


          And with an updated edition of the family tree.

          This is the first edition done by Willy B



            anyone know if the lim.ed LP will be at the exhibition opening?


              Try Rune Grammofon directly via e-mail, he is a nice and approachable chap in my experience.



                It depends if the mighty have sworn him to secrecy :roll: :twisted:


                  Stickman presale starts tomorrow:

                  Clear vinyl for the mailorder y´all:



                    Rune preorder just started as well.


                      Limited Ed. sold out at Rune G.


                      Limited 200 ex clear vinyl sold out at Rune Grammofon, but still available at Stickman. Is it also a limited Stickman release of 200 ex? Totally 400 clear vinyls?


                      Around 300 at Stickman. Source


                      Can you guess the tracks? Yes, there is a quiz!


                      Ten minutes ago the postman rang twice. Now side A is spinning it's first round on my turntable. "Nothing to say" sounds somehow different but that's only a feeling, i am not that good in noticing great differences in sound. It sounds good so Helge did a good job i guess. Package looks fine, everything is fine.

                      "this album is dedicated to all psychonauts everywhere – may all your trips be awesome!"

                      Nothing more to say. :D

                      edit: after listening to Cornucopia i hope that Helge has done the remastering for the whole COTF which will come out as a release in the future if my memory serves me right.

                      Krist Rampage

                        "We've got five years, stuck on my eyes

                        Five years, what a surprise

                        We've got five years, my brain hurts a lot

                        Five years, that's all we've got"

                        So, five years ago Supersonic Scientists was released. Since then Motorpsycho released a lot of new stuff:

                        2016 Spin, Spin, Spin 7”

                        2016 Here Be Monsters

                        2016 Here Be Monsters 2

                        2017 The California EP 2x 7”

                        2017 Begynnelser (2X 10” + cd + dvd)

                        2017 The Tower

                        2018 RW5

                        2018 A Boxful Of Demons

                        2018 RW4

                        2019 The Crucible

                        2019 The Light Fantastic

                        2020 Cloudwalkers (semi official)

                        2020 The All Is One

                        2020 Xmastime is Here

                        Obviously, Supersonic Scientists contained mostly material from the regular studio albums. My question is, what songs would you add if you where to update Supersonic Scientists? Tripple lp :MPD:

                        I'd go for:


                        In Every Dreamhome

                        Lux Aeterna


                        Dreams of Fancy


                        First thing would be to fix a mistake: add Year Zero, my favorite Kapstad moment.

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