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    I found additional writings on the runout side B. I've got the clear Runegrammofon version with matrix BF00484-01 B1 KR J+. I've got two clear Stickman and one black Runegrammofon with matrix BF00484-01 B1 KR VV. Could it be two early runs of the record? Are there Stickman versions with the J+ too. Does it exist black records with the J+ in runout side B. Please check your records :-)


    I'd speculate that a person J+' and a person 'VV' have done the quality control at 2 different plants, but working from the same cuttings.


    My clear Stickman version has only BF00484-01 B1 KR. No VV though. But i really don't mind what's written in the matrix. :D


    Yes it's clearly from the same cutting, but it seems a bit odd that the Clear Version that Counts 400 ex total is done in 3 different pressings. There must have been some kind of problems at the pressing plant. So far the Clear record has either J+, VV or no additional writings.

    What's written in the Matrix are probably of minor interest for the majority. But some of us have taken the Madness to a point where Our Collection includes absolutely all variants of all the MP records. Every record is carefully examined to find unknown variants or differencies.


      Can it be there is some problems with the clear edition, my copy skips slightly in the beginning on side A. Heard other have had the same problem.


        Same problem here, Kjelli. I went through three different copies before I found a playable one.



        I've tried 4 Clear records, both Stickman and Rune, which skips on both records. But it is very odd if the pressing plant Accept such a misspress. There must be an another explanation to the different matrixes.


          I have a clear Stickman version with the J+ and no skippings or other probs.


          This is gonna be a real collectors gem,because verry few off them are playable.I have tried four,and only one of them where "kind off" playable.

        Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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