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    Hi everybody,

    I thought about this a while, because some of you may get it wrong as it is sometimes the difference between written text and face to face conversation. However I need to get it out…

    If I compare this forum with others (of other musicians of course), I can say that theres sometimes seems to be a "lack of support" to each other. Of course it is my personal thing, because I am longing for Motorpsycho live stuff and simply can't get it. Why? Because I am not on Motortrades and I cannot use torrents. I have been asking several times on several occasions whether somebody could put things up on differnt hosts (non-torrent obviously), but so far no feedback.

    Only once I got CD's with a bunch of live stuff from Australia -> by snail mail. That was marvelous and I am forever grateful for this. However it was only once.

    On the other hand I can feel from the way of the communication in this forum, that there must be a lot of "friendships" amongst the fans. So I really wonder, is it just because of me, or is there a general lack for supporting each other getting live stuff?

    Just in case, I do not address this to anyone particular, nor am I blaming anyone.


      I don't think there's a lack of support at all. People offer car rides and even places to stay for MP tours. Recordings can be found on motortrades and dime and therefore everyone has access to those and no one thinks of anyone being left out. That's not "cold-blooded" or such.

      So why aren't you on dime and motortrades? It's the easiest. Why not use torrents? Is that a technical issue?


        If you think about the query you made in one of the other threads, one user actually posted a Dropbox link to that bootleg in question (don't remember which one, though). He had to remove it after some time, possibly before you had a chance to see it. So that was basically bad luck.

        And like supernaut said, torrents is by far the easiest and most practical way of sharing files of that size.


          I would love to use Motortrades. Is there an invite left for me??

          Hope to find the brilliant show from yesterday evening in Deventer there soon…


          btw: could anyone invite me to motortrades, too?

          would be very nice :D


            To be honest, I don't know who is able to invite new users to Motortrades. I sure can't. Maybe only users with admin or moderator rights are able to.


            Travel to a show or two, make friends with a couple of crazycollectorpsychonauts and before you know it half your bookcase will be filled with live recordings.

            Or at least that's what happened to me :D


              Actually, this is not the right place to get invites for motortrades. I believe you'll find what you need over at the motortrades forum.

              And as for dime I think you just have to be persistent. It took me a day or so of trying to register before I got an open spot.

              And if the band could do a King Crimson and make all their live recordings available as downloads or CDs for a proper fee, it would be even better. They might even make some money out of it.


              ah..ok. thanks ThorEgil.

              what´s with this site? this


                That is the motortrades torrent site.

                As far as I know is Jimbo (Admin) the only one with invite rights to the motortrades torrent side.

                Correct me, if I'm wrong.

                The best way to get in is about the motortrades yahoo group, mentioned before by ThorEgil.

                To get in to dime, try it very often, so every ten minutes. Than it will work. They have a capacity of 100.000 users. Some leave almost every day and than new users can register.

                If you have problems to handle torrents you will find many instructions via google or so.

                When you still have some special problems with that, you surely can ask here some questions, I think you will get here an answer and see the here isn't a lack of supporting each other.

                But there is a point that we respect (maybe it's slightly different to some other fan boards, I guess).

                We know that mp allows recordings and spreading them. But we although know, that mp is very unhappy if the recordings are spread to wide.

                So is the way over a privat tracker (motortrades) and the way over dime the best way to do that.


                Hi everybody,

                thanks for all the replies. As mentioned I did not want to blame anyone.

                I can't use torrents, because I only own a Notebook which belongs to my company, so I cannot put additional Torrent SW on it…


                  Oh, I don't feel that you blame someone.

                  If this is the problem, you should really join the motortrades group at yahoo.

                  That's the better place for something like that.

                  I'm pretty sure you will find theire a lot of people who are willing to help you.



                    @joecoco: Drop me a line at goldencore (at) hotmail. c o m Maybe I can help you with some gigs.


                      He is right about one thing though: The torrent technology has singlehandedly annihilated the sharing/swapping/helping out for free culture among tapers and unreleased-live-music-aficiniados. Many communities have faded to exist including the actual Motortrades list/community. What is left is the Motortrades tracker and Dime.

                      Ps: Be, if you still need help e-mail me at mpnews[at] and I will send you a few Dropbox download links of recent recordings :-)



                      mail to:

                      we probably can work something out to get you supplied with the real live stuff

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