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      there surely will be a tour in 2010. and another album. MP back on track! :MPD:


      will leave home this afternoon for MP tour…but not anything I packed yet, I just hope that will reach to Berlin without problems…see you there :MPD:


        You’ll make it Akane! See you Saturday! The tour continues today in Stockholm!


          Lido sold out but another Berlin show is confirmed for 2010:

          so there is another very very nice tour coming up.


          @ Akane: Cool you’re joining the fun! Will you be going to a Dutch show too?

          Everyone who’s going to the opening of leg 2: have fun tonight!




            Akane has alreay left home and is headed to Germany, so I don’t know if she’ll read this. That’s why I will answer on her behalf: Yes, she will attend Haarlem :-)

            See you all in a couple of days and enjoy Stockholm tonight!



              Where can one meet some of you for a pre-beer in Berlin, Hamburg, Bologna, Roncade?


                In Berlin I guess most of us will meet like one hour before doors either in front of the venue or in a nearby Kneipe, one of those that are just on the corner Schlesische/Cuvry. It will be quite impossible to make an appointment with everybody at the same time though because there will be easily two dozen travelers as well as many many more people attending, probably around 30-40 people I know. It will be a blast! :-)

                In Hamburg someone suggested to meet at Karostübchen (I think), apparently a nearby pub. Our group in Hamburg will include Anders (The other Anders), Østein, Vilhelm, Ingo, Susann, Akane, Holger, Thorsten (Red Mosquito), Karsten, Caro, myself and probably many more :-)

                See you!



                  Any news from Malmo yet?


                    From Facebook:

                    50 people at the Malmo gig (but good people!). They played less than 2hrs, closing with Walking on the water… Really good concert. Cosy…

                    Just 50? Wow that is really sparse.

                    Given the relatively short and confined sets of the last three nights I think a super space show is a safe bet tonight in Berlin!



                    Only just discoverd by incidence and visiting this pages that MP is actually having a falf tour 8O, no muchas promo for that concert overhere, real sad to notice.


                    where to buy tickets for the trondheim gig?


                    The Trondheim gig will be at Verkstedhallen. Here is a link to the official announcement:


                    It will be pre-sale at Ramp Pub & Spiseri ( from today.

                    Can’t wait to see them!


                    Is this tour being officially recorded? Think I read something about recording and micing the audience somewhere, but can’t remember where…

                    boomer former helm

                      It seems like, I saw the audience recording mics on every show I attended. :cheers:

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