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    The concert in Het Patronaat, Haarlem is rescheduled to thursday november 5th.


    new date: 10 of November at Salzhaus in Zürich, Switzerland

    Have a look on their website:

    I will be there for sure, hope they might go to Centralstation in Darmstadt aswell, that would be nice :MPD:

    Krist Rampage

      That site also says 20th anniversary tour, i am still wondering if that means something. Will they do something special? Bring guests? Play one of their records in its entirity?


      strange… strange… another gig in switzerland appeared on the 9th of OCTOBER in Fribourg:

      I wonder if they wrote the wrong month because it would fit, if it would happen on the 9th of NOVEMBER?! :?:


        …and Salzhaus claims theirs will be the only CH show.

        boomer former helm

          Hmm, I don’t know why, but my question was deleted, so here it is again:

          did anyone know ho wto get hamburg tickets???? i cheched the website and a ticketstore, but no tickets sold anywhwere? any idea???


          Hi, first info about italian tour:

          – 11.11 Bologna, Estragon

          – 12.11 Trezzo sull’Adda (Milano) , Live Club

          – 13.11 Roncade (Treviso), New Age Club (TBC).

          Tickets on



              so this are the autumn tour gigs so far?

              09.10. fribourg – frison ???

              (possible that tthe club made a mistake with the date)

              01.11. berlin – lido

              03.11. hamburg – uebel & gefaehrlich

              04.11. bielefeld – forum

              05.11. haarlem -het patronaat

              06.11. köln – gebäude 9

              09.11. fribourg – frison ??? ( more likely they will play at this day here )

              10.11. zürich salzhaus

              11.11 bologna, estragon

              12.11 trezzo sull’adda (milano) , live club

              13.11 roncade (treviso), new age club (TBC).

              boomer former helm

                haarlem is now on 5.11. it changed!!! ah and thanks wulf!!!

                  haarlem is now on 5.11. it changed!!!

                  thx :-)


                    *that was a mistake*


                      Bought a ticket for Patronaat. Damn shame they changed the date from Saturday to Thursday. I was planning a feast…

                      I’d love to go to these two as well:

                      04.11. bielefeld – forum

                      06.11. köln – gebäude 9

                      but I am not sure I can handle all the driving… Do I have to be early to get tickets for those gigs? Or do I still have time to make up my mind?


                      Bielefeld’s Forum is quite “historical” and will most likely be sold at the evening itself, probably 2-3 weeks but not months in advance. Though last time was extraordinary again (Miles Davis etc.) -> I am planning to go, too but not take the night train back home since shows start a lil’ late there and last a little longer… better stay somewhere overnight!

                      Gebäude 9 is small but should not be sold out that soon, too.

                      No Berlin this time? The place is supposed to be superb and psychonauts from all over Europe will be gathering ;-)

                      Bummers for Haarlem indeed, already intendet to join your party :-/




                        last year the forum wasn’t sold out, although they made a six years cut

                        with forum gigs ( ok, they played as tits at the kamp, organized by the forum 2004),

                        but is was quiete full.

                        gebäude9 is much smaller as the live music hall, so maybe this is earlier sold out.

                        btw, last night I was at the forum and enjoyed

                        ASAF AVIDAN & THE MOJOS

                        very very much.

                        hey, what a hell of gig!

                        they played two hours and it was fantastic, intimate & intensively.

                        a great mixture: very sensitive acoustic guitar-cello songs and kick ass rock numbers

                        with 5 musicans on fire and in love with their music, their fans and the evening.

                        go and have fun if you have the chance to see them live!

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